19 things I hate about the current state of hip hop

June 21, 2006 at 5:59 pm (Hip Hop, Music, My muthafuckin self, Shits and giggles)

1. People who prop up shitty underground artists just because they are underground and bash tight mainstream acts just because they are mainstream.

2. People who want ban rap, or at least make it "kid friendly" (i.e. Bill 'o' Reilly, C Delores Tucker, etc).

3. The fact that even though niggaz from all over bite their shit in one form or another, E-40, Spice 1, and Esham still don't get their props.

4. Niggaz who will big up a nigga who is on the underground, but when he blows up, they turn on him.

5. People who hate on the south and the west coast. Weather or not you like them, those artists have contributed more to the game than you want to admit.

6. Whatever it is the mad rapper is so mad about.

7. The fact that someone actually had the audacity to murder Pac, Biggie Smalls, Big L, JMJ, etc.

8. People who keep crying about how hip hop is dead, especially when they contribute to the situation by putting out shitty albums or just don't do anything to help it.

9. When two rappers have beef, every 14 year old internet thug wants to act like it's their beef.

10. The general lack of unity in hip hop.  (i.e.  The whole underground vs mainstream thing)

11. When mixtape djs scream over the songs every other second, as if they want to remind us whose tape it is.

12. Uppity dickheaded backpack nerds who act as if they are better than everyone because they listen to a certain artist no one else listens to, or have been listening to rap longer than others

13. Said backpackers who equate lyricism/skills on the mic with the ability to use big words and rap about shit that doesn’t make sense.

14. Rappers who put out diss records just so they can get attention and sell records

15. Rappers who do the above and won't admit they are doing it for record sales (see Benzino)

16. Shitty white rappers getting signed just cause they are white (and not because they are talented)

17. The fact that most female rappers rap about their pussy and how good it is, and the few that don't (Mia X, Rah Digga, Mystic, Marveless) don't move units like they should

18. The lack of political songs from mainstream rappers

19. The fake ass media and it’s role of promoting the negativity in hip hop. 



  1. Christopher King said,

    Gawl-DAMN you hit them all right on the head. E40 is finally gettin’ some props — I been bumpin’ him for a coupla’ years now and he’s been around a LONG time.

    I wish I had a copy of my law school thesis on rap and feminism, vis a vis your number 19 — in the actual story I talked about Paris for not issuing misogynist or black on black crime lyrics. Here is the gist of it I noted on Indy Media:


    Meanwhile, I’m back to tending to issues with Ken Blackwell.


    Enjoy the multimedia Civil Rights stuff we’ve got cooking:



  2. Christopher King said,

  3. Skitzo Beats said,

    (1.) with ya first point, yeah ya kind of right….alot of people put shit on mainstream rappers, just because they are mainstream…but let’s face facts….90 percent of mainstream rappers are faggets…..all that bling bling shit is to boost record sales for rich white kids…..all these commercial rappers walkin around with facials, manacures lookin like a fuckin beauty contest….like the track MIMS “this is why I’m hot”……or Puff Daddy, or Nelly or any of those soft cocks……..sure…underground rappers have floors too….but atleast they remain true to the formula…….ya gonna find that shit ya sayin works both ways….there’s a gang of lil faggets running around mouthing off about how real their commercail shit is, and how fake and “try hard” underground is….it cuts both ways

    the rest of ya points are legit…up until number 12

    yeah man…I get ya point…..but shit…..I been listening to hiphop since 89…..and I’m proud as fuck of that….I was 9 years old then….I seen rappers come and go….rise and fall….live fast, die slow…….yeah, I don’t shit on the next man just because he hasn’t listened to hiphop for as long as I have….and I don’t givva mad fuck if they haven’t heard the stuff I have…..but if I yap the words “Geto Boys” in convo to some dude who’s claiming they’re down with the scene – and he ain’t heard of em….I’ll shit all over them…try see things from the old school perspective….

    ya dropping mad points….and I respect ya word…..but then number 16 comes up-
    “Shitty white rappers”…….ya pretty spot on…i wont argue the point…..but you could jus as easy say the same shit about black foke, getting signed just coz they’re black…they could be wack as fuck….but they look like pretty boys….and can string some fuckin lyrics together…..they get signed on image….so don’t go knocking the white man, when the black mans jumping on the same band wagon….that shits hypocritical

    all that aside man….the things you hate about the current state of hip hop is top notch…and it’s good to see there’s alot of other dudes out there who eel that the scene needs some fixing

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