Out the vaults – 23 things that piss me off (Updated and edited)

June 21, 2006 at 6:25 pm (My muthafuckin self, Shits and giggles)

  1. 1.  Racists, sexist, and homophobes-It sickens me how many people are still mentally stuck in a period which died before they were born.  Take your Right-wing republican asses to Iran or somewhere.

    2.  People, especially girls, who can’t talk to me the rest of the time, but when they need/want something from me, I’m their best friend.

    3.  Narcs and snitches-It’s fucked up what people will do to each other on this campus, it’s even more sickening why they do it: for the reward money, to get back at someone, or just because they hate somebody.

    4.  Immature people on this campus-They act like just because their mom and dad pay their tuition, they are the shit and everyone has to kiss their ass.  They waste their time away getting drunk and playing their music loud.  Then they fail their classes and receive a wake up call.  LOOK BITCHES, THIS IS COLLEGE, NOT PRESCHOOL!!!!! 

    5.  Internet sites which claim to be free, but charge hidden fees for shit, or require credit card validation.  If your shit says %100 free, then it should be %100 free.  Paying a premium membership is not %100 free.

    6.  Internet Anna-It amazes me how many hard core thugs and gangstaz lurk around on internet message boards and chat rooms.  They flame people saying whatever.  The funny thing about it is that all these muthafuckaz are just 12 year old kids who get beat up at school all the time, and there fore would not say this shit in real life.

    7.  “Backpackers” and other music snobs who can’t tolerate other people’s taste in music-People think they are better than other people just because they listen to shit no one else has even heard about.  To them, it’s a crime for anyone to listen to P-Diddy, jay-z, three six mafia, no limit, and just about any rapper who has a video on BET and/or gets paid a penny more than they do.  I could go on about this topic, but that’s a whole new subject. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SHIT, THEN DON’T LISTEN TO IT!!

    8.  People who support censorship-Straight up dicks.  Anyone ever heard of “First amendment rights”?  I can’t stand people who want to make shit kid friendly.  If you are too dumb to know what your kids are playing, listening to, looking at online, watching TV, etc, that is no one else’s problem.

    9.  People who harass other people on their jobs-There are people on this campus who are straight up dicks.  Most of the time, it’s pretty rich kids who don’t have jobs.  That was part of the reason I left my last job.  They wouldn’t like it if someone called them out of their name whole they were working, so why they do it to others, I don’t know.

    10.  Stuck-up Fraternity and Sorority people- I wish I could be a Greek letter wearing airhead so I don’t have to show any respect for myself, let alone other people.  They act like just because they have Greek letters on their shirt, they can treat people like shit.  If you’re not in their sorority or fraternity, then you can go fuck yourself as far as they are concerned.

    11.  People you can’t trust, like my ex.

    12.  People who hate rap music to the point where they censor it and diss people who listen to it-If you don’t like rap music, then don’t listen to it.  Don’t try to ruin shit for everyone else.  Its ignorant fucks Bill O Reilly who make me glad that real muthafuckas like me still exist  By the way, it’s funny how people clown on rap music for being too violent, but watch R-rated movies and play M rated video games

    13.  Cocksuckers who complain about my webpage-Same as above, if you don’t like my shit, don’t come here, point blank.  You see the warning.  Offensive content.  Don’t ignore that shit then send me emails cuz the things I put here made you cry.

    14.  Kent State-The only reason I’m still here is because I graduate next year.  This school sucks nut drops.  We have a fucking Criminal Justice department has better computers than the computer science department, a biased and culturally ignorant student newspaper, homophobic and unqualified R.As, and an increasing tuition which goes up just to pay for bullshit.  After this, I just know some idiot freshman or sophomore is going to send me an email whining about some “Kent Pride” bullshit.

    15.  Computer illerate people-I work as a computer lab monitor on campus, and I have encountered some of the stupidest people in my life.  I get questions about how to save, how to print, one time, I even had a female user put her floppy in a zip drive-upside down to boot.  Well, I guess that’s why you’re in college.

    16.  Games with Half-ass or no endings-I know developers want to save time and money, but cutting out an ending?  There are some things you just don’t do.  (The biggest offenders are Shen Mue and Golden Sun)  I put in all this work towards completing the game, find all the djinns, and beat all the hard bosses, and all I get is a lousy fuckin “To be continued”?  Or worse, I put in all the work just to watch a fuckin credit sequence?  That’s bullshit!  If I’m going to spend $20-$50 on your game, then at least put in a halfway decent ending.

    17.  Women who play head games-I get so damn tired of women who play head games with honest men like me.  These dumb bitches ruin it for real women who deserve much better in life.  I’m talking about women who flirt and try to get cool with you when they know damn well they aren’t interested in you.  Then they give you fake numbers.  When they do give you play, they’re just using you to get something.  Me being single, I find that very disrespectful.  Then these women have the nerve to wonder why we men disrespect them the way we do.  NEWS FLASHRespect begets respect! Treat others as you would want to be treated!!  Men don’t respect women who don’t respect them back, same as women don’t respect men who don’t show them the same!!

    18.  Unfit parents-I’m starting to see a disturbing trend this summer, namely stupid ass parents (mostly college age or younger) who leave their kids in a hot car.  It’s not just even that.  I’m talking about parents who are unqualified to be parents, leaving them in  toy stores while going out, not taking care of them right, beating them, and whatever else.  I also can’t stand to see young teenagers getting themselves knocked up like it’s a goddamn fashion statement, or they do it just to keep their boyfriends.  I seen one at the Sears where I work at the other day, dumb bitch had to be no older than 15, she had 2 small babies with her and she was pregnant with another one.  I simply wanted to slap the fuckin piss out of her.  Hasn’t anyone ever heard of a CONDUM?

    19.  Relationships-Ever since my first breakup so many years ago, I have had zero luck with women.  I don’t know if it is just me or what, but I can’t stand the thought of having to spend another valentines day holed up in my room playing Xbox all day.  Every time I see a happy couple together, it just gets at me more knowing me and her couldn’t last more than five months together before she found another man.  (and I didn’t even know how long they were seeing each other before I found about about the hidden affair myself)  Well, thats enough of my soft side you bitches.



    21.  Jackasses who play the party lines when voting – Idiots who vote Republican just because they are republican or Democrat just because they are democrat.  I mean, it’s like they would vote in Hitler is he were running for their party and reject MLK Jr just because he was in the opposing party.  Whatever happened to RESEARCHING THE ISSUES?  Or better yet, FORMING YOUR OWN FUCKING OPINION?


    22.  Gaming system fanboys – You people are ridiculous!  You go to war over which system is the best, but goddamn, it’s only video games for crying out loud!  You hate Nintendo because all they make are kiddie games (while most games were marketed towards kids anyway, even the ones that shouldn’t), you hate Sony because of jaggies in their graphics (when you can’t even tell the difference anyway without a magnifying glass) and You hate Microsoft…er, Micro$$$$$UXXXXXX because it’s Microsoft, yet there you are using internet explorer on your Windows computer.  Don’t even get me started on PC snobs.  You can’t tell me that there isn’t at least one game on each system that you like, even if you wouldn’t buy that system to play it.  I have all 3 current gen systems, both portables, and Xbox 360, and I plan on getting the PS3 and the Wii when they are both available.


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