Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion, fuck it, call it what it is.

October 5, 2006 at 2:43 am (abortion, Politics)

More political ranting for ya, this time on something that seems to be a very big issue to voters, even bigger than the fact tuition is going up and schools are closing down. Hell, it’s even bigger than the fact that our senior citizens are paying obscene prices for thier medications, but I digress. That’s right, abortion! (The other big issue being gay marriage, but I’ll hit that another time.) The subject of abortion is never easy to discuss. People who call themselves “Pro Life” see it in very black and white terms (abortion is murder), while Pro-choicers look at different viewpoints in the situation. No one wants to get an abortion, but the reality is that things happen that are beyond the woman’s control. What is the mother’s life is at risk? What about victims of rape and incest? Are “Pro-lifers” gonna stand behind various social programs that more disadvantaged mothers will need to raise the children they fought so hard to ensure thier birth? And why should life or death decisions be in the hands of people who don’t know what the single mother is going through.

I was reminded of a the never-ending debate by a letter in the beacon entitled “No justification for pro-abortion stance . The letter was in response to an earlier letter, about Abortion laws needing to account for all cases(I.e. emergencies, rape, incest). I won’t post the whole thing here, but a few excerpts caught my eye:

“I commend her for her bravery in her choice to punish the child in cases of rape. “

So the pro-life community (particulary the letter writer) would rather punish the mother [for being in the wrong place at the wrong time] by making her bear a child that she never asked to carry? To have her hold it for a full 9 months only to give it away after birth? That’s some real compassionate conservatism.

“Givens is now pregnant and prays that she and her baby “will emerge from this pregnancy healthy and strong.” By saying that, she’s insinuating that pregnancy is a medical condition that requires a doctor to rescue them from their dire situation.”

No, I believe she was saying that she was praying that her birth will go as safely and easy as possible.

” I have yet to hear an argument for abortion that is not rooted in either feminism, selfishness or money, including Givens’. If you can’t put the life of others, especially those who are defenseless and rely on your protection, ahead of your own, then maybe it’s time you reconsider your worthiness of the gift of life you’ve already received.”

“And not everyone has the courage to choose their own life over the life of the child in her so-called “extreme circumstances” (like eclampsia).”

So becuase she dosen’t wish to die during childbirth, she’s selfish? What good will she be to her child if she is dead? Is this what “pro-lifers” want? (I certanly hope not.) If so, why should a life-or-death decision such as this be in the hands of a politican who has some special intrest in the issue? Becuase this dosen’t seem very “pro life” of you. I thought “pro-life” should apply to all life, not just the unborn.

Which brings me to the title of this entry, and the reason “pro-life” is in quotes. It seems to me that the “pro-life” crowd only cares about life when it’s in the womb. A lot of these people support the death penalty, and the war in Iraq, where dozens, if not hundreds of people are killed needlessly each day. Aren’t they part of the culture of life as well? Also, not that the children are born, isn’t it important to see that they have access to quality education and healthcare? This reminds me of a letter I wrote to the Beacon some time ago:

“Where is the pro life crowd when the underprivileged need them? Bush is proposing cuts of social programs across the board, from Education and Medicare to Federal Retirement programs and social security survivor benefits. Plenty of people, including underprivileged children, senior citizens, war veterans, & single parents need social programs like these to get by. Shouldn’t the ‘Anti-abortion’, oops, I mean ‘Pro Life’ crowd be outraged by these proposed budget cuts? I mean, now that the innocent fetuses they’ve fought so hard to insure their birth are out of the womb, don’t they think it’s just as important to insure that said children have access to good schools and decent healthcare? Aren’t our senior citizens and our veterans, who fought so hard for our country part of the ‘culture of life’ as well? Does the term ‘Pro-Life’ extend beyond the womb, or does the right to life begin at conception and end at birth?”

Where are all the ‘Pro-lifers’ at when those who made it out need them? Why aren’t they taking to the streets, outraged that thier kids are paying out teh ass for thier books and tuition? Why aren’t they demanding that our troops have decent body armor? Why aren’t they standing up for the innocent Iraqi civilians being killed as collateral damage? Why aren’t they fighting to get innocent people freed from Death row?

I guess they must not really be “pro-life”, just anti-abortion. Just call it what it is. You can’t call yourself “pro-life” when you don’t give a shit about the quality of life for the people outside the womb.

Just for the record, I’m not pro-abortion, but I’m not pro-lets-leave-you-out-in-the-cold-just-becuase-you-made-one-bad-decision either. There are unfortunantely times when it’s neccessary, and banning abortion would do more harm than keeping it legit.


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