You can’t say nothing bad about massah!!!

October 5, 2006 at 1:55 am (conservative bitchslapping, Hip Hop, Music, Politics, Republicans being stupid, The South) reports that Kamikaze of the group “Crooked Lettaz” (with rapper/producer David Banner) was banned after making comments about President Bush during his preformance at Millsaps University’s sexual awareness week. The Young Republican group there threw a little hissy fit after Kamikaze dissed thier patron saint, even sending him a letter.

“While the students at the college rightfully supported sexual awareness week at the college…some were treated to no other than a tacky, senseless and an absolutely astonishing, explicit blasphemy of the sitting President of the United States; an act that represented the worst that Millsaps College could offer to its students and alumni that were present, wanting to enjoy an evening of the performing arts. The Student Body Association and the Socializing Activities and Performing for Students Board (S.A.P.S.) has no use for your shameful, adolescent and worthless view point of our leader and therefore will not be supporting any more visits made by you to our campus.”

The bolded out part is the funniest. So I have 1 question for these people, as well as any conservative republicn. If Kamikaze were to say these things while a democrat is in charge, would his viewpoints still be “shameful, adolescent, and worthless”? (Don’t everybody answer at once now.) As far as “explicit blasphemy” is concerned, GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES. Bush isn’t your father, he isn’t my father, he isn’t my boss, nor is he god. He is simply a president that I didn’t even vote for. If I wanted to talk shit about him, I have every right to do so. If I want to call him a RETARDED, AWOL, DRAFT DODGING, COKE SNIFFI FUCKTARD, then I will, and you can’t do anything about it. This is my blog and I can say whatever the fuck I want.

Okay, look. I’ll show Bush as much respect as you showed Clinton while he was in office. (I was no fan of him either, but we were much better off then than now.)

On a side note, Crooked Lettaz had a dope album back in 98/99 called Grey Skies. if you come across it, check it out.


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