Cocksuckers on patrol: Iranian student gets tasered

November 26, 2006 at 5:57 pm (Police Brutality, Politics)

I don’t know what’s more sickening, the fact that this is going on, or the fact that people defend this bullshit. Even if the man was committing a crime, there was no need to taser him, let alone do so as many times as they did. They could have handcuffed him and led him out. Had this been a pretty white woman being tasered, this would be front page news, but he’s an Iranian, so it’s okay. Fuck these racist crooked ass pigs. Just yesterday, a man was shot to death as he was leaving his bachelor party. (But to be fair, details are sketchy, so who knows why this happened though.)

It pisses me off to hear about things like this.  How much more of this will we have to take before something is done about the problem?  We’re constantly told by rich whites that police are to serve and protect us, and if we’re beaten, then we deserve it, but what did this man do that requred him to be tasered?  What did Amidou Diallo do that required him to be shot at over 40  times?  Maybe if one of thier kids were beaten and tasered, then they’d start paying attention.


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  1. A said,

    there u go. lets taser their kids.

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