5 More days!

January 15, 2007 at 2:53 pm (Hip Hop, information, Kent State, Music)

You got 5 more days until the return of Kent State’s longest running online urban music radio show (at least I think), Kent BLack Squirrel Radio Original Grooves, (formerly known as Hostile Takeover, Saturday Mourning Cereal Hits, Red Rum radio, Sunday night Mass, Saturday Night mass, and the William Talley show) for the spring 2007 semester.

Check it out each and every Saturday from noon until 2pm by logging onto http://www.kentbsr.com. I also got some gaming news like always. I’ll keep it popping with the finest selection of Hip hop, R&B, Old school, Reggae, Smooth Jazz, Funk, classic soul,and even a little latin thrown in for good measure.

Remember, noon until 2pm every Saturday online at http://www.kentbsr.com.

You have plenty of time to sleep in too folks, so get rid of that hangover and get your ass online!

Kent BSR OGs, bought to you by the O.G. of KentBSR
DJ Jacknife


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