WAAAAAAAH! We can’t smoke in public anymore! Boo Fuckin Hoo! (A nonsmoker’s take on Ohio’s smoking ban)

February 7, 2007 at 7:22 pm (Politics, Shits and giggles)

For those of you who don’t live in Ohio, we just passed a state-wide smoking ban last fall. The new smoking ban bars smoking from most public areas. Now all the smokers are comming out of the wood work crying about “lost freedoms” and “why isn’t there a junk food ban?”. Whatever.

Thing is, first and foremost, the ban passed by a 58 – 42 percent margin. So where were all of you smokers at on election day? Yeah, that’s right, sitting at home, watching survivor or whatever it is that has your attention, thinking you were too cool to get involved in the political process, and what happened? You got pimpslapped by reality. So you have no one to blame but yourself.

Second of all, as far as your ‘junk food ban’, there isn’t any junk food ban becuase the candy I eat dosen’t make your teeth rot. end of story.

Third, about your precious “lost freedoms”? What freedom did you lose? Hmm? The freedom to pump yourself full of carcinogens? The freedom to blow smoke in my face? I don’t recall seeing that anywhere in the constitution, but you can still do it at home, or in your car, so stop whining. Besides, if someone proposes a law banning loud stereo systems, then are you gonna stand up for my right to blast my music in your ear?

Fourth, how many of you smokers voted against the gay marriage ban? Or does it apply only to you and things you like? Hmmm?

For the record, I’m not a smoker, but I voted no on both bans.



  1. Smokingsux said,


  2. WHATEVER!!!!!! said,

    As a smoker, understand that ”us smokers’ are not just trying to blow smoke in your face! And yes the freedom we lost was to for fill our addiction! Yes, It is an addiction. Is it not only totally out of the way to go back to our homes or cars, for a cigarette especially for those who use public transport for travelling means! Its only strong opinionated people who are making these laws take place. Our community all live together and deal with all sorts of different individuals bad habits whether its talking to loud in theatres to loud music disturbing the community. I agree with limitations to smoking in public places but in most public places is just unacceptable and unfair! Everyone is entitled to their opinion as well as their habits and if smoking effects part of public or organisations including councils property, they should make a personal or set business complaints as is done for loud music, verbal and physical assaults, drinking, and many other forms of disputes which are all dealt with the individual. Personally I think the Government need to reconsider their priorities such as the youth justice system as it is so much more important. You need to look at the big picture and realise there are much bigger issues than smoking!!!

  3. matt said,

    shut the fuck up it’s an addiction boo fuckin hoo man heroin is an addiction sumthin that u’ll go through withdraw n shit man i have an addictive personality n i quit weed when i wanted n my mom quit smokin after smokin a carton a day so suck it up you lil bitch

  4. jim said,

    first of all this country was built on freedom when something gets taken away from you see how you like it there was another government that controlled its people like this country is starting to and that was the communists.

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