Gangsta Rap is evil and should be banned! (In response to CNN’s Hip hop: art or poison)

March 3, 2007 at 7:15 pm (Hip Hop, Music, Politics)

What I’m about to say is gonna go against the whole “Lets make rap music kid friendly” theme that’s been going on as of late, but I gotta get it off my chest. Apparently, it’s no longer a parent’s job to raise their children right, and teach them the difference between what is on a form of entertainment/art (i.e. music, videogames, TV) and reality. It’s now soley the responsibility of Video games, hip hop, myspace, or whatever scapegoat we decide to pin it on this month. Maybe soon we’ll have to assure that those same kids we have to teach are given hot meals, sent to bed on time, and sent to school properly dressed. While we’re at it, the rappers might as well tuck them in at night.  It’s time that we step it up to protect 9-year old Catholic school children from the evils of gangsta rap.

Before we start, yes, I know that there is an issue with sex and violence in hip hop. I can easily see why people are unable to listen to the radio these days. However, the problem is not with the music, it’s with the parents who take no effort to learn about what it is that their kids are listening to, the radio stations and program directors who continue to promote this stuff, the critics outside of the culture who know nothing about the music and refuse to recognize the positive aspects of the culture, and the critics from within who don’t do their part to see that positive music is being promoted.

First of all, we need to accept that there are people outside the culture (i.e. Bill O Riley, Oprah) who are never going to recognize hip hop as real music. These people don’t know anything about hip hop, weather we mean the art, culture, the music, or the industry. They simply want to know and aren’t willing to learn. Despite our best efforts to educate them, they are content with sitting on the outside looking in. We can tell them about our Talib Kwelis, Mos Defs, Commons, Kanye Wests, and out Lupie Fiascos all we want until we are blue in the face, but they will still stereotype a music they know next to nothing about as poison which promotes violence and sex. 25 – 30 years ago, these same people were saying that hip hop wasn’t going to last. Look where we are at now. We’re on TV, in videogames, in movies, giving to charity, and making moves in the corporate world. There are more white kids into hip hop than into rock n roll. Therefore, why should we worry about what they think of us and our culture? They don’t know anything about it, and there are resources available to educate them. If they refuse to take advantage of them, then let them remain ignorant.

For all of the pissing and moaning from these people about how evil hip hop is, they’ll never tell you about how hip hop artists have benefited thier communities.  You won’t hear about David Banner’s heal the hood foundation, which assisted in assisting hurricane katrina victims (at a time when our own government was sitting on it’s hands), the jobs it created, or all of the charaties rappers have supported.

As far as the objectification of women, last time I checked, no one forced the women in those videos to do what they do. Heck, for the money they probably get, tell me you wouldn’t be in your swimsuit shaking your ass too. As far as the words bitch and hoe, in most cases, they only describe certain types of women (the problem here is that rappers don’t do enough to break it down the differences between real women and bitches like Jay-Z did). Basically, the kinds with several kids by several different fathers, unfaithful, dirty, no job, no direction, and immature. You know, the kind with no respect for themselves or others. And why should a man have any respect for a woman who has dosen’t even have any respect for herself?

The problem here is with a woman’s own self image. If you don’t do the things depicted on the videos, then why get offended over them? That’s not a representation of you any more than the drug dealer/gangbanger is a representation of me. If someone thinks that way of you, that tells more of their own ignorance than it does of you. Would you let anyone treat you in a disrespectful manner? I didn’t think so.

And besides, what about all of the songs bashing men? To hear it from %75 of pop and R&B songs, we’re all cheaters, dogs, sex addicts, abusers, liars, and whatever else you accuse us of, but have you ever heard us complain about it?  I know I’m no cheater or liar.  It’s alright to judge us, but we can’t judge you?  Bullshit.  Also, as much as you complain about sex in music, I see most of you hitting the dance floor as soon as one of those booty shake songs come on in the club.  You complain about sexually charged music, yet, you’ll gladly support and dance to it.  What part of the game is that?

One last thing on that note; when we say bitch and hoe, we’re not always talking about you.

If you wish to see more positivity in hip hop, you need to do a better job of making your voices heard.  Backpackers, women, I’m looking at you.  Instead of being on this music snob mode, then why not spread the word about your favorite artists doing positive music?  Yeah, Young Jeezy and 50 cent are on the charts now, but Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Common are doing quite well.  Call in to the radio stations and request your kind of music instead of bitching and turning off the radio.  Ladies, if you’re so upset about being objectified in music, then stop supporting those artists then.  If we don’t like the current state of hip hop, then it’s our job to clean it up.  Otherwise don’t complain about Jeezy outselling your Emo backpacker nerd rap heroes.



  1. laluttefinale said,

    Nice blog!

  2. matt said,

    man rappers give to alot of charities wa cuz they anit sayin everyone look what im doin tryin to get shit from it like movie stars n shit so everyone think there saints and fuck rock probely sings more bout sex but fuck they were all mad bout rock back in the day to sayin kiss is devils music it just what generation u were born into n kick ass blog dude

  3. Kev said,

    As far as charity… Its easy to give a poor man a quarter as long as you keep a dollar for yourself.
    Not all rap is bad, but gangsta rap definitely is bad news. These people brag about how they sell drugs, fight, rob, pimp, etc. and get paid handsomely for it.
    and don’t tell me I know nothing about gangsta rap because I was born into a city that embraces it. All around my neighborhood, people listen to this stuff.
    I have tried to find good things in it, and sometimes they DO make some valid points about society in their verses, but those times are few and far between. 99% of it is just boasting, bragging, tough-guy talk.
    Society also has many other problems, I will be the first to admit that. Gangsta rap is not the only wrong, but it is indeed wrong. I am sorry if you don’t like what I am writing, but it is the truth. Not all rap, but gangsta rap, is just another bad apple on a rotten tree of the social and moral decline of the United States, and I truly hope that someone out there (even just 1 person) will read this and think twice before repping them colors and stepping out that door onto the hot-top to sling.
    There are thousands upon thousands of gangstas out there all trying to do the same thing… get rich, and most of them do not care who they have to step on or hurt to get there. Finally, I must stress my point and repeat myself in saying that not all rap is bad, but gangsta rap, be it commercial “fake rap” or the “real underground stuff” it does not matter, it is no good. thanks for reading.

    • OCEAN said,

      strongly agree, where is our moral compass? . when ignorant people allow these ideas to musically “entertain” them on a regular basis eventually, you will in turn be entertaining these ideas. i know its no ones job to raise my children but mine, however it is a social responsibility. we as original (Black Americans) peoples are the trendsetters, so forget about all that other music generas* problems we have our own trends to be setting.How would people and especially Youth act if they heard Strong Black Men say something positive and still appear strong. The whole lot would follow and things would change.GANGSTA RAP IS PROPAGANDA CREATED AND MARKETED FOR THE PURPOSE OF SUSTAINING THE PRISON SYSTEM. WHO ARE FILLING THESE PRISONS? BLACK MALES ARE!!! and if you cant admit that we as a people are culturally starved for a better quality of entertainment then you are just as blind. people say there gangster rap topic issues are a reflection of whats going on in the “hood”. then that is very sad that all they can do is make it worse and perpetuate these issues even to YOUNGER generations.

      • OCEAN said,


  4. Jose Jacobo said,

    thats just what i go through on a daily basis…..
    we didnt choose this life.. we were given this vida
    we have the freedom of speech in this country and any one can say watever they want
    its not lyk ur kid is bein forced to listen to it thats a choice they make
    i want you to listen to “Brotha Lynch Hung”
    just do it download some of his songs listen to the “siccness” and “return of the baby killer”…….

  5. ecouvilon said,

    that gay shit

  6. brion said,

    hip hop should not be abanned cause it’s great

  7. kimmehFOB said,

    “Otherwise don’t complain about Jeezy outselling your Emo backpacker nerd rap heroes.”
    Don’t tell me you’re talking about Gym Class Heroes because if you are I’ll hunt you down and kill you.

  8. BeatGenerator said,

    I?ve read a few just right stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how so much attempt you put to make such a wonderful informative web site.

  9. jj said,

    rap is crap why was 2 pac the best rapper ?? bbecause he rapped about positive things trying to lift people up feel good all rap these days speak of ohh i got a gun dont mess with me im so bad ill shoot ya ohh i got thes women yea i call em my hoes ohh i smoke weeed all day long im soo cool i got this gold chain ohhh i drive this car ohhhhhni come from the ghettoo oooohhh im soo cool man pull your head out of your ass your a low life nigger and littlle kids hear your music with its imfluencial lyrics about your drugs your hoes your shooting people and your having kids want to be and do like u say in the music your creating and putting people in the fucken system you stupid low life if it was up to me you type of rappers would be in prison

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