Doing good in the hood part 1: E-40 donates to former high school

April 19, 2007 at 2:39 pm (Bay Area, Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, Politics)

e40.jpgIt seems lately that the only time hip hop music is ever featured in the media is when something bad happens, or when some conservative talking head wishes to place blame upon it for society’s ills.  Very rarely will you see stories about rappers doing good things for their communities on Fox News, CNN, or CBS, so that’s what this new section is for.

We get it started off right with my man E-40, who donated $12,000 to his former high school so they can purchase new band equipment.

The donation comes a year after much of Hogan High’s band equipment was destroyed after the school was vandalized.

Despite the damage, the drum line went on to become champions.

After hearing about the vandalization and the band’s determination to continue playing, E-40 contacted Tina Jamias, the Hogan High drum instructor, with an offer to help and a request for a wish list. 

With all the hubub over the Don Imus controversy and hip hop’s alleged role in it, it’s easy to ignore the good that rappers do for their communities, but that’s what this is for.  I hope to have to update this very frequently.


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