ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! When exactly does personal accountability come into play anymore?

July 29, 2007 at 7:57 pm (Hip Hop, Music, My muthafuckin self, My personal opinion, Politics)

vick.jpgFor those of you who don’t know, NFL superstar Michael Vick is suspected of running a dog fighting operation in his house. I seen what happens to these poor animals, and is Vick is indeed guilty, then I hope he gets punished to the full extent of the law. Now however, right wing talking heads and news outlets with little else to report on have discovered, that hip hop is to blame for dog fighting. However, dog fighting is a tradition that goes back to the days of the Roman Empire, which if I remember correctly was several of centuries before hip hop was created. This is little more of a continuation of the trend of making hip-hop the scapegoat for everything that’s wrong with society. This is nothing new, ever since the attacks on NWA back in the early 90s. However, this trend seems to be re-energized more since the whole Don Imus scandal.

There is no secret that there is a large amount of offensive lyrics in hip hop, but it’s no different from the images of blood and gore seen on movies, tv, and video games. There are also plenty of violent material in other forms of music. Eric Clapton sung about shooting the sheriff, Johnny Cash sung about shooting a man just to watch him die on “folson country blues”, and doing cocaine and killing his wife on “cocaine blues. Woodie Guthrie sang about an outlaw killing a cop in the song “Pretty boy Floyd”. Lets not even mention some of the lyrics in Heavy Metal music, or all the pop and R&B songs bashing men. Yet, these things aren’t even mentioned at all when there are discussions about violent music. If a rapper preformed any of these songs, we would never hear the end of it. Where are all the protests against the offensive material in these forms of music?  Why don’t these forms of music take the blame for society’s ills?

There are times when I wish we could go back to the prohibition era, or even the mid 1940s, before there was gangsta rap. I’m sure beside the whole WW2 thing going on, things must have been so peaceful back then. Seriously though, rather than making arguements about social conditions, living standards, mental health, parental upbringing, or anything else that COULD play a role in the violence in our society, I’ll pose these simple questions. There are millions of people around the world who listen to gangsta rap and play violent video games. By that logic, shouldn’t there be millions more cop killers, gang bangers, mass murderers, and psychopaths than those we see on the nightly news? Also, what accounts for the Jeffery Dahmers, Zodiac Killers, David Koreshs, Tim McVeighs, BTKs, and other psychos who clearly don’t listen to rap music?


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  1. matt said,

    and bush invades countries for oil whats that tellin kids

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