Doing good in the hood: Master P’s Community Centers.

October 7, 2007 at 7:37 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, The South)

masterp.jpgAs of late, Master P has been one of the people jumping on the Don Imus “lets clean up or censor hip hop lyrics” bandwagon. But unlike other knee-jerked reactions from bourgeois talking heads in the black community (*cough*AlSharptonandJessieJackson*hack*), clergymen, soccer moms who know nothing about hip hop, and right-wing talk show hosts, P is actually being sincere about his efforts. Last month, Master P released Hip Hop History, an album done with his son Romeo that features no cursing or inappropriate lyrics. He and David Banner attended the congressional hearings on hip hop lyrics, and recently, Master P has announced his plans to build a series of youth centers in impoverished areas throughout several major cities throughout the US. The centers will feature gyms and libraries to benefit inner city youth. Even in bankruptcy, Master P is still doing his thing. It’s all about the tank though haters! UUUUUUUUGH!!!!!


1 Comment

  1. Mashonta Dixon said,

    it dnt matter at all master p just got his his haters blocker on

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