Cocksuckers on Patrol: Valentines Day Edition

February 15, 2008 at 12:17 am (My personal opinion, Police Brutality, Politics)

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve been busy. I’ve finally earned my degree, now I’m looking for some good IT work so I can finally move out of mom’s place. But enough of that, here are two recent cases of police brutality. Both of which involve white victims, so those of you who believe that police beatings are justified and only happen to trouble-making people of color may want to read this. I may seem a bit indignant, but it pisses me off when those with the power abuse it.

stripsearch.jpgUsually when one calls the police for help, they expect to receive assistance. Well, not if your name is Holly Steffey. 15 months ago, an ordeal which started with her calling for help after being attacked by a relative ended with her being detained as the troublemaker, illegally strip searched, and left naked and sobbing on a jail cell floor thanks to the good people of the Stark County Police Department.

Part one of the video

In this video, you’ll see that Stark County police officers violated their own rules by having both men and women forcibly remove Mrs. Steffey’s clothes. It gets better though:

Part two of the video
She was tried and convicted of misdemeanor resisting arrest. The sheriff claims that she was forcibly strip searched after she refused to remove her clothes voluntarily, however, as shown in the video, no one told her to remove her clothes. She was forced to the ground, and had her clothes removed. Oh yeah, that second video contains footage that wasn’t seen by Steffey’s lawyers during the trial. Typical of the Cocksuckers On Patrol. They do dirt behind the curtains then lie to cover their sorry asses. Someone should strip these savages nude, then force them to lay ass naked outside in the street.

wheelchair.jpgMeanwhile in Florida, Hillsborough county officers demonstrate their lack of proper training by dumping quadriplegic Brian Sterner out of his wheelchair while booking him for a traffic violation. It happened two weeks before this news report, but it’s just now getting out.


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  1. William said,

    This is just like when the police beat up a girl at Reagan National Airport in DC. She has permanent brain damage as a result of the police beating. We need to halt this epidemic of police brutality against women.

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