Mario is Missing….

March 15, 2008 at 1:58 am (missing white women, Politics, Racism)

Update: Sadly, two months ago, this young man was found dead. He was found floating in Lake Erie this past April. Coroners ruled his death accidental.

…and of course the media, the same people who give us minute-by-minute coverage of every young middle class white woman which goes missing, seemingly doesn’t care. 21 year old Mario Williams of Canton was last seen at a Cleveland nightclub. While attending a rap concert, he got separated from his entourage. His family found a cell phone which contained a picture of him tied up inside a trunk. Surprisingly, (or maybe not) despite the amount of attention given to cases such as Jessie Davis and Natalie Holloway, there has been very little attention given to this case. Why this young man’s picture wasn’t posted on the front page of every newspaper or magazine like certain other missing persons is a mystery to me. Although I don’t know this man, a missing family member is a tragedy, and our media must take every effort to help bring them home, regardless of their demographic.


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  1. vigilanteherbalist said,

    Well, one of the obvious reasons that you may have purposely ignored is that he’s a male. Society looks at males as able to stand for themselves. Strong. etc.

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