Cocksuckers on Patrol: Sean Bell’s Killers Found Not Guilty & Tarika Wilson

April 26, 2008 at 12:53 am (My personal opinion, Police Brutality, Politics, Racism) (, , , )

Sadly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the three police officers who murdered Sean Bell were cleared of all charges today. For those who forgot, Sean Bell was the 23 year old would-be groom and father of 1 who was shot by officers Michael Oliver, Marc Cooper, and Gescard Isnora as he and his friends were leaving a strip club the night before his wedding. The three officers were wearing plain clothes, did not identify themselves, and had an unmarked car. The three victims were unarmed.

This is on the reels of the January shooting death of Tarika Wilson, a Lima Ohio woman who was shot by officers serving a warrant on her boyfriend. Her 14-month old child, whom she was holding at the time of her murder, was also wounded, losing a finger. Joseph Chavila, was indicted this past March on negligent homicide charges. The shooting happened during a fucking SWAT RAID in which the boyfriend in question was arrested for a suspicion of possession of crack cocaine charge.

Lord knows I said this countless times before, but I don’t know what’s more disgusting. The fact that this kind of thing happens as frequently as it does, or the fact that there are people, usually white, who will defend shit like this. Hopefully the Bell family will see some justice done during the civil suit, and Tarika’s killer will be convicted. Until then, we need to start standing up for ourselves. I don’t know how much more of this bullshit we have to endure. There are cops out there who are corrupt and/or incompetent, and as we have learned from Bell, Diallo, and countless others, there are judges who are more than willing to let them off the hook. I don’t want to advocate any criminal action, but we gotta defend ourselves. Bottom Line: if you’re armed, and someone runs up on you ready to shoot, and they DIDN’T say that they’re a cop, then BLOW HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF.



  1. Ocho Ocho said,

    Sean Bell was not Ghandi. He was a career criminal with a nice car, clothes and money for strip bars and no tax return for the last few years. Can you say Drug Dealer. That being said he did not deserve to get shot 50 times. But its no tragedy.

  2. jacknifedakilla said,

    Yes, he may have been a career criminal, but that has nothing to do with it, and it no way justifies him being killed. He may have had a criminal record, but makes this no less of a tragedy. He wasn’t committing any crime to speak of the night of his murder, and the police acted completely out of line. Besides, Scotter Libby and Oliver North are convicted felons, but if they were killed in the same manner, I guarantee that no one would be using that to justify their murders.

  3. t bone said,

    I live in Lima. Miss Wilson was upstairs with her kids and the suspect was caught downstairs. None of the recored drug buys were made from this home. I say he was a killer looking for a good way to away with murder. Just google the lima news all the information is right in there

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