Cocksuckers on Patrol: Police Harassment at Kent State

January 25, 2007 at 3:54 pm (Kent State, Police Brutality, Politics, Racism)

Last week, the Kent Stater reported on the story of Rick Rucker, a 26 year old KSU alumni who was harassed by police and was arrested along with 4 others. Rucker filed a formal complaint against the KPD. Last week, Black United Students held a meeting in which Rucker presented his side of events. One of the key points the BUS hammered home was that police brutality was not restricted to just one race. It in fact affects everyone. Just as k the [white and asian]people who were hit with rubber bullets and tear gas during 2001’s Townhomes near riots.

Of course, this is bound to attract all the racists and police apologists who think this sort of action is justified.  The Stater ran an article about the various comments being posted on the article.  Most of them run along the lines of either “He was a nigger, therefore he deserved it” and “police do nothing wrong!  If he was arrested, he had it comming to him!”.  More importantly though, becuase of BUS’s involvement in the affair “Oh no!  It’s another race issue!”.  THis could be further from the truth.  As was stated at teh meeting, there were several types of people who were approached by the police.  It gets confused as a racial affair becuase of the ethnicity of the victim as well as the involvement of BUS.  In reality, though, BUS is involved simply becuase tehy were the first to call the meeting and show concern over what happened, and they tend to be more vocal about these issues.  If say, some fraternity group, or even the college Republicans had called this meeting, then it wouldn’t be a race issue.  Politics, but not race.

The point here is that weather you are black, white, asian, hispanic, or whatever else, police brutality is something that affects us all.  You might think it’s okay becuase you’re a good little white christian conservative who dosen’t party or attend anti-war protests, but it can and will happen to you if you get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Just remember, when they come for you, there will be on one left to speak up for you.


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Just a reminder…

January 20, 2007 at 4:20 am (Hip Hop, information, Kent State, Music)


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5 More days!

January 15, 2007 at 2:53 pm (Hip Hop, information, Kent State, Music)

You got 5 more days until the return of Kent State’s longest running online urban music radio show (at least I think), Kent BLack Squirrel Radio Original Grooves, (formerly known as Hostile Takeover, Saturday Mourning Cereal Hits, Red Rum radio, Sunday night Mass, Saturday Night mass, and the William Talley show) for the spring 2007 semester.

Check it out each and every Saturday from noon until 2pm by logging onto I also got some gaming news like always. I’ll keep it popping with the finest selection of Hip hop, R&B, Old school, Reggae, Smooth Jazz, Funk, classic soul,and even a little latin thrown in for good measure.

Remember, noon until 2pm every Saturday online at

You have plenty of time to sleep in too folks, so get rid of that hangover and get your ass online!

Kent BSR OGs, bought to you by the O.G. of KentBSR
DJ Jacknife

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Wake your lazy ass up this Saturday!

October 5, 2006 at 5:17 pm (Hip Hop, information, Kent State, Music)

Becuase kent BSR O.Gs is on from noon until 2pm online at  If you want to hear some quality urban music, including classic soul and old school hip hop, set your alarm clock.  It’s not even that early in the morning for crying out loud!  You’ll still have plenty of time to sleep in!

Remember, noon until 2pm every saturday until the end of the semester at

3306723913 for the request line or IM kentbsrradio on AOL instant messenger.

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Details on KentBSR O.Gs. Original Grooves

September 21, 2006 at 2:06 pm (information, Kent State, My muthafuckin self)

I promised you new details on my new show for fall 2006, here they are.  Check it out every saturday from noon until 2pm by logging onto

 I’m not hostile no more like last year, so I’m gonna play a mix of Urban music and R&B.  There is gonna be a sharp increase in old school R&B, so for all you OGS who like th eIsleys, George Clinton, Gil Scott Heron, and the OJays, tune in.

The request line is 3306723193.

Fresh to you from the OG of Kent’s hardest hitting online station.

Remember, that’s 12pm – 2pm every saturday

online at

For those of us who want an alternative to today’s mainstream radio.

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The O.G. of the Hardest hitting radio station in Kent is returning this fall!

September 18, 2006 at 3:36 pm (information, Kent State, My muthafuckin self)

Stay tuned for date, time, and further announcements!

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August 18, 2006 at 11:25 am (Hip Hop, information, Kent State, Music, My muthafuckin self)

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