43 Year Old Douchebag Defaces Tupac Statue

June 24, 2008 at 3:18 pm (Bay Area, Hip Hop, Music, Politics) (, , , , , , , )

Last October, they caught Kenneth Anthony Wilson, the guy who defaced a statue of Tupac Shakur. As part of his ‘war on gangsta rap’, the 43 year old fucktard stuck several handbills with threats against the Tupac Center of the Arts, other rappers, and other rap labels. Recently, he released a manifesto explaining himself. Here is the part that got me laughing:

Wilson, who refers to himself as a “writer,” “artist,” and “Supa-hero,” claims the defacement was “my way of declaring an intellectual and artistic war against the gangsta rap community.”

Wilson justified his actions through his belief that Tupac and his mother Afeni Shakur are misleading the youth through Tupac’s image and message.

Lets see, you claim Tupac and gangsta rap is a bad influence, so he responds by speaking ill of a dead man, insulting his mother, threatening others simply because he disagrees with what they say, and defacing private property. While Tupac and other gangsta rappers certainly are far from perfect, Mr. Wilson doesn’t set a very good alternative for the youth that he accuses gangsta rappers of corrupting, and at 43 years of age, one is way too old to be doing juvenile things like this anyway. If he really wanted to be a ‘supa hero’, then why not try more positive things, such as opening his own art center (since he claims to be an ‘artist’), become a teacher, or become a little league coach? Instead he comes off as immature and hypocritical. It’s sad that while many of the gangsta rappers he despises so much have been known for giving back to their communities, the best he can do to lead the youth away from them is simply vandalize a statue of a dead man.


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Doing good in the hood part 1: E-40 donates to former high school

April 19, 2007 at 2:39 pm (Bay Area, Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, Politics)

e40.jpgIt seems lately that the only time hip hop music is ever featured in the media is when something bad happens, or when some conservative talking head wishes to place blame upon it for society’s ills.  Very rarely will you see stories about rappers doing good things for their communities on Fox News, CNN, or CBS, so that’s what this new section is for.

We get it started off right with my man E-40, who donated $12,000 to his former high school so they can purchase new band equipment.

The donation comes a year after much of Hogan High’s band equipment was destroyed after the school was vandalized.

Despite the damage, the drum line went on to become champions.

After hearing about the vandalization and the band’s determination to continue playing, E-40 contacted Tina Jamias, the Hogan High drum instructor, with an offer to help and a request for a wish list. 

With all the hubub over the Don Imus controversy and hip hop’s alleged role in it, it’s easy to ignore the good that rappers do for their communities, but that’s what this is for.  I hope to have to update this very frequently.

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