October 7, 2007 at 7:50 pm (My muthafuckin self, My personal opinion, Shits and giggles, sports)

lebron.jpgA lot of people would be quite proud of the fact that one of the NBA’s best players lives in their hometown. Some even brag and idolize them. Not so in Akron. Here, whenever one of us makes it big, we find whatever little reasons we can to tear them down. Such as with Lebron James. Earlier this past week, he committed the crime of wearing a Yankees cap during their game against the Cleveland Indians. yeah, he’s a Yankees fan. Therefore, all his skills on the court as well as all the good he has done for his community are no longer relevant, because he choose to wear a Yankees cap.


The man is paid for his skills on the court, not his preference of baseball teams. How many fucking Steelers fans are in Northeast Ohio alone? Yet they catch way less heat for it. Get over yourselves. For all he’s done for the Cavs these past few years, I’d say he’s earned the right to cheer on any baseball team he wants.

Now if the man is seen cheering on the Knicks, then give me a ring.


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Show your support for the Jena 6

September 20, 2007 at 2:51 pm (information, Jena 6, My personal opinion, Politics, Racism)

The Jena 6 are 6 young men from Louisiana who have had attempted murder charges bought against them. I don’t feel like doing much typing, so this is from the facebook group about the matter:


(You’ll have to be a member of facebook to see it)

“The Jena 6 is a group of young men in Jena, Louisiana, that are being charged for a heinous crime in which the charges are way out of control. The controversy began when one of the young men back in September of 2006 asked an administrator if he could sit under the shade of a tree that was “reserved” for the white students. The administrator replied by telling the young man to sit where he liked, so he did. The next day when everyone returned to the school, there where 3 nooses painted in school colors hanging from the tree. The school principal found the 3 white students that did it, and passed it off as a “youthful prank”. They were suspended for 3 days.

The black students decided to call for a sit in under this “tree”. The police were called and so was the District Attorney Reed Walters. He had an assembly in the school, where he made such a statement to the black student body, “I can end your lives with the stroke of a pen”. No future action was taken after that.

A few months later at a party in the town, a couple black boys were beaten up by a group of young white males. There were no charges brought upon the teens. A few weeks later a white male pulled a gun on 3 black young men. The gun was taken away by the black young men and they went to the police to let them know what happened. The three young men were charged with theft if an armed weapon. No charges were brought upon the male who pulled the gun on them.

In December 2006, in the halls of the Jena high school, a young white male was taunting and picking at one of the young men that were beaten up at the party. The white male was then “jumped” by some black students. The six black students were charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy. They face up to 100 years in prison without parole. The Jena Six, as they have come to be known, range in age from 15 to 17 years old.

In July 2007, an all-white jury took less than two days to convict 17 year-old Mychal Bell, the first of the Jena Six to go on trial. He was convicted of aggravated battery and conspiracy charges and now faces up to 22 years in prison. Some of the men were unable to make bail. So they sit in jail and await court dates. The bail ranges from $70,000 to $183,000.

After Tenisha Wilkerson read this on the site DemocracyNow.org, she knew it was time to take a stand. She is organizing a committee by the name of Midwest Committee for the Jena 6. They will be having a peaceful rally on Sunday, September 9th 2007 at 9am. They will march from NBC 5 studios to ABC 7 studios in Chicago, Illinois. There is no media coverage on this issue that is going on. Media attention is strongly needed. The rally will end at city hall.

We are calling for all aldermen, congressmen, media stations, press, & anyone who wants to stand for the rights of these six young men, to come out on September 9th 2007 and stand for justice.

To learn more about the Midwest Committee for the Jena 6, please email MCJena6@gmail.com. For more information on the Jena 6, please log on to DemocarcyNow.com, or NAACP.com.”

News coverage and contact info, educate yourself and spread the word!



PT. 1

PT. 2

PT. 3

PT. 4

PT. 5

PT. 6

ABC Major News Programs Contact:

ABC message board:

NBC Network contact:

CBS Network Contact:




Call Fox News:


Email Oprah!:

Oprah’s Message Boards:

Contact Nancy Grace:

Contact Bill O’Reilly (is he really fair and balanced?):

Call Bill O’Reilly and Fox News:


MTVN Online Ad Sales
1515 Broadway, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10036
212-258-8000 Main
212-846-1804 Fax

MTVN Online Ad Sales
401 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611
312-755-0310 Main
312-755-0350 Fax

MTVN Online Ad Sales
2600 Colorado Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90404
310-752-8000 Main
310-752-8058 Phone

The Chicago sun-Times:

Chicago Sun-Times Feedback:

The Chicago Tribune:

Chicago Tribune Comments:

Chicago Tribune Letter to the Editor:


The Red Eye (Chicago):

The New York Times:

The Sun-Sentinel (Florida):

The LA Times:
Los Angeles Times
202 W. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: 213-237-5000
Fax: 213-237-7679

Rolling Stone Magazine:

Essence Magazine:

Ebony/JET Magazine:

Vibe Magazine:

The Source Magazine Forum:

Readers Digest Magazine:

The Wall Street Journal:

if you have anymore to add…. post them!




Jena Town Hall

318-992-2149 Fax: 318-992-8127 1850 N 2nd St, Jena, LA 71342


Jena Mayor’s Office

318-992-2148 Fax: 318-992-8127 1850 N 2nd St, Jena, LA 71342


Write Fax E-mail
Office of the Governor
Attn: Constituent Services
P.O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004 Facsimile: 225-342-7099

E-mail the Governor:


Call Reed Walters-D.A. in Jena, Louisiana and Demand That He Resign
28th Judicial District
Parishes Served: LaSalle

J. Reed Walters
P.O. Box 1940
Jena, LA 71342-1940



LaSalle Parish
Office Phone: (318) 992-8282
Office Fax: (318) 992-4731

I don’t think I need to say anymore on the subject. We need to stand up for these yound men.

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! When exactly does personal accountability come into play anymore?

July 29, 2007 at 7:57 pm (Hip Hop, Music, My muthafuckin self, My personal opinion, Politics)

vick.jpgFor those of you who don’t know, NFL superstar Michael Vick is suspected of running a dog fighting operation in his house. I seen what happens to these poor animals, and is Vick is indeed guilty, then I hope he gets punished to the full extent of the law. Now however, right wing talking heads and news outlets with little else to report on have discovered, that hip hop is to blame for dog fighting. However, dog fighting is a tradition that goes back to the days of the Roman Empire, which if I remember correctly was several of centuries before hip hop was created. This is little more of a continuation of the trend of making hip-hop the scapegoat for everything that’s wrong with society. This is nothing new, ever since the attacks on NWA back in the early 90s. However, this trend seems to be re-energized more since the whole Don Imus scandal.

There is no secret that there is a large amount of offensive lyrics in hip hop, but it’s no different from the images of blood and gore seen on movies, tv, and video games. There are also plenty of violent material in other forms of music. Eric Clapton sung about shooting the sheriff, Johnny Cash sung about shooting a man just to watch him die on “folson country blues”, and doing cocaine and killing his wife on “cocaine blues. Woodie Guthrie sang about an outlaw killing a cop in the song “Pretty boy Floyd”. Lets not even mention some of the lyrics in Heavy Metal music, or all the pop and R&B songs bashing men. Yet, these things aren’t even mentioned at all when there are discussions about violent music. If a rapper preformed any of these songs, we would never hear the end of it. Where are all the protests against the offensive material in these forms of music?  Why don’t these forms of music take the blame for society’s ills?

There are times when I wish we could go back to the prohibition era, or even the mid 1940s, before there was gangsta rap. I’m sure beside the whole WW2 thing going on, things must have been so peaceful back then. Seriously though, rather than making arguements about social conditions, living standards, mental health, parental upbringing, or anything else that COULD play a role in the violence in our society, I’ll pose these simple questions. There are millions of people around the world who listen to gangsta rap and play violent video games. By that logic, shouldn’t there be millions more cop killers, gang bangers, mass murderers, and psychopaths than those we see on the nightly news? Also, what accounts for the Jeffery Dahmers, Zodiac Killers, David Koreshs, Tim McVeighs, BTKs, and other psychos who clearly don’t listen to rap music?

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Awwww, Poor Paris! Now shut the fuck up and do your time, you crying little bitch!

June 12, 2007 at 3:06 pm (My muthafuckin self, My personal opinion, Paris Hilton, Shits and giggles)

pariscrying.jpgFor those of you who don’t follow the news (including me, but seeing something like this puts a smile on my face and makes me pay attention), hotel heiress and dumb bitch extraordinaries Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail for reckless driving. 3 days in, she was released to house arrest, but last Friday a judge ordered her back in jail. As seen here, she isn’t taking it very well.

I’d never thought I’d see the day when one of the ‘elite’ is forced to pay their dues. Sure, it’s not like Paris is a politician or CEO, but seeing things like this gives me hope for this world. As for her, she needs to stop being such a crying little bitch. She broke the law, plain and simple. For reckless driving too? She could have killed someone, so she should be thankful she got off with only 45 days. There are people doing 45 months and 45 years right now who are being more of a woman/man than she is. There are people behind bars who have accepted the fact that they are going to spend the rest of their life in jail who are taking this better than her. There are people who have been sentenced to death who aren’t bitching up the way she is.

Like the old saying goes, if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

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