$20 GOTW: Street Fighter EX 3 (PS2)

November 2, 2006 at 12:35 pm ($20 GOTW, capcom, Video Games)

This week’s $20 GOTY and lost classics are gonna take you waaaaaay back.  First, lets take a trip back to the PS2 launch.  Although there weren’t many titles worth grabbing at the time, (except Timesplitters and Tekken Tag Tournament) Capcom gave us fighting game fans something to tide us over. You either love the EX series or you hate it.  Those who like it, (me for instance) like the cool music, intresting new characters (although some are somewhat dull), and the fact that our favorite 2-d series translated so well to 3-d.  Those who hate it harp on it’s static backgrounds, dull characters, and consider it blasphemy to take a 2-d stalwart and take it into 3-d.  Capcom’s 3-d fighters have been more of a test run than anything, and the fact that they still continue to produce 2-d games speaks volumes of thier apprehension to make the jump to 3-d.  Be that as it may, beside Rival Schools and Tech Romancer, this is probably thier best 3-d effort.

Although the only new character introduced here is Ace (a robot who you can set special attacks for in an all new mission mode), many of your favorites from the EX series have arrived.  A new Tag Team mode, similar to the Marvel vs Capcom games is also included.  You can’t change in and out as rapidly here as you did in MVC though, so it adds a layer of strategy and timing.  A new single player mode tries to do things differently by having you fight more than one opponent at once, and giving you the option to recruit defeated opponents to your team.  Finally, beating the aforementioned single player mode treats you to the wildest credit sequence ever; a free-for all brawl where the goal is to take out as many enemies as you can.

As I mentioned before, not everyone will like SFEX3, particularly series purists.  I kinda miss the remixed barrel breaking game from the original EX.  For those who don’t mind a little change now and then however, you can’t go wrong with this PS2 blast from the past.

By the way, sorry about last week’s $20 GOTW.  I was busy with training and forgot to post it here.  You can still read it over at Powet though.


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$20 game of the week: Capcom vs SNK 2 (Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, Import Dreamcast)

August 1, 2006 at 8:45 am ($20 GOTW, capcom, Video Games)


For those of you who don’t check out Powet.tv, this is one of my weekly updates I do there.  The purpose is to spotlight a game that’s available for $20 or less.
In 2000, Capcom and it’s biggest rival SNK combined thier forces together to make one of the biggest fighting game crossovers since, well, Marvel vs Capcom. The result had lots of potential, but the point system made the gameplay painfully unbalanced. Thankfully, it was followed up upon a year later with what to this day remains the biggest 2-d fighting game ever. Lots of cast members joined from both companies’ various catalogs, from Fatal Fury and Street Fighter to Samurai Showdown and Darkstalkers, and even lesser known games like Rival Schools and Last Blade. Capcom adopted SNK’s playing system well and managed to integrate it’s own. With the 6 grooves, players could play thier favorite characters how they wanted. In short it was fighting game bliss.

A side note, the Xbox version is the only version with online play, and it was one of the first games on Xbox Live.

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Review: Mega Man collection (Xbox, PS2, Gamecube 2004)

June 21, 2006 at 5:14 pm (capcom, Reviews, Video Games)

megaman.JPGThroughout gaming, mega man has been one of the most consistent franchises ever. There have been over 40 games on nearly every major system, a cartoon show, a comic book, an action figure line, and several spin offs (mega man x, legends, zero, and battle network). this collection contains the first 8 games of the core series, and two unlockable fighting games that were until now, only released in japan. Also, players can unlock artwork and music. You can play the games in thier original 8-bit form, or in navi mode, with remixed music, new subscreens, and a hint feature for various level points. Still, you can't power up until mega man 4 or slide until mega man 3. For the few players who don't know about mega man, the series stars a robot. There are 8 stages in each game (6 in the original) which you can tackle in any order. After you beat each boss, you accuire thier weapon. The trick is knowing which weapon works on which boss. Mega man 2 introduced a password feature (although each game can be saved to memory card), while mega man 3, considered to be the best in the series by many fans introduced Rush, mega man's side kick. Mega man 4 and 5 improved on the formula, while 6 didn't garner much attention since it was released towards the end of the NEs's life cycle and mega man x made it's debut on the super nintendo at the same time. Mega man 7, which almost didn't come out due to the snes being near the end of it's life cycle, was the first game of the original series to hit the super nintendo. (until then, there was the mega man x series) Mega man 8 bought the series to playstation, with cd quality music and anime scenes. This pack is cheap, and anyone who considers themself a true gamer should pick it up. Due to the nature of this game, i can't rate the graphics. Sound $$$$$ playability $$$$1/4 theme/presentation $$$$$ overall $$$$$

+ – one of the best franchises in gaming

– – no mega man x, or mega man soccer.

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