A-1 Yola (Psychopathic 2005)

This was a very ambitious project on the part of Esham.  This cd was packaged with a dvd containing videos for most of the album’s songs.  It was a step in the right direction of sorts, with the return of Deadboy, no ICP guest spots, and no Eminem disses.  However, this album only further widned the rift within Esham’s fanbase, with many being concerned that Esham was styling his music towards his new Juggalo fanbase.  The 4 year old song Pill me was also included for some inexplicable reason, increasing further dislike for the album.  Soon after this release, Esham would leave Psychopathing in favor for Darkersound music.


1 Comment

  1. geezy said,

    the best song “Gangsta Dedication” did NOT have a music video…what the hell Esham

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