Bruce Wayne Gothom City 1987 (Gothom 1997)


“Who is Bruce Wayne?” These stickers went up all over the nation to promote Esham’s first release on Gothom. This was a completly drastic departure from his earlier work, even more so than Dead Flowers.  The songs on this LP were more geared towards radio play and club music than anything Esham had done previously, especially the remix to You better ask somebody, which features a Michael Jackson sample, and the album’s first track, Comerica.  This album further alarmed longtime fans becuase 2 of the album’s songs were preformed completly by an R&B singer known as Zeliah Williams, who was also featured on Dead Flowers.  However, this album still managed to maintain the suicidalist flavor as Mastamind and TNT are featured once again on this album.  THe two Natas cohorts are also joined by local Detroit rapper Moebadis, whose deep voiced flow was reminicent (at least to me anyway) of Biggie Smalls.  Detective, You still ain’t shit to me, and Fuck da fame are some of this album’s standouts, and on one of the ‘?’ tracks, Esham goes off on not getting any play on detroit radio.


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