Dead Flowers (RLP 1995)


This album was a drastic departure from most of Esham’s other material up to this point, as it displayed a more lyricaly versatile Esham.  On tracks such as U ain’t fresh, You betta ask somebody, and Trick With me, it seemed like he was definently going for radio play.  Songs such as Kill or Be Killed, Tony Montana, and Becuase gave vivid tales of drug dealing, betrayal, and death.  One Day, Silicone, and Charles Manson showed that Esham was still satisfy his manic schitsofrenic suicidalist crowd that had been down since day one.  What was odd about this album was that TNT and Mastamind were nowhere to be found, Lord Maji did most of the production, and it was strange to hear Dice and Razzaq on this album, as soon Dice would leave RLP over a financial dispute.



  1. Kari said,

    this album is hella tight

  2. geezy said,

    Esham produced almost every song…all Lord Maji produced was: “trick with me” “what” “black orchid” and “Hold u up”

  3. dish said,

    anybody know where i can view the liner notes for the album?

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