Dice – Theneighborhoodshittalka (RLP 1996)


Briefly, the local rapper Dice was signed to RLP, following his 1992 release The 40 made me do it.  This album featured his brother Razzaq as well as Esham and Lord Maji’s production.  Financial differences caused him to split with Esham and RLP, and he later joined Fallen Angels Entertainment.  He released Black Monday, Red Rain, and appeared on the E.A.R.T.H cd (Evil angels running through hell) before splitting with them over financial differences.  He is currently on Big head entertainment, where he re-released theneighborhoodshittalka and later released Neighborhood Watch.



  1. amanda said,

    what up…so how Do i get my hands on Dices Cds, i’ve been everywhere, every music store i go to only has black monday album…

  2. Lazy Eye said,

    wyatt earp in Flint, Michigan

  3. Mr Read said,

    the neighborhood shit talka sip a 5th of Johnny Walker, talk mo shit than Bob Barker.
    On tv hoes wanna fuck me bitches wanna suck me nicca!

  4. Abrahnadurbrak said,

    shit i need black monday,city of champions and red rain the full album who can send me o tell from where to get it?

  5. B said,

    Hit me up if you need dice cds.

    • Ryan said,

      i cant find tha neiberhoodshittalka anywear. can you hook it up

  6. B said,

    Hit me up at


    if you need cds.

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