Esham’s Boomin/Boomin words from hell (RLP 1989)


Esham began rhyming when he was only 13 years old. The image on the left is of his first release, Esham’s Boomin. This is an ultra-rare “Red Tape” which is hard to find today, and it has 3 exclusive songs on it. (One of which, watch ya back, appears on Bootleg Vol 1.) The one on the right is his better known re-issue. The 3 “Red tape” tracks were cut, and the track-list was changed up.

Along with one of the first Pro-weed songs of the hip hop culture, “True”, these albums were loaded with classics such as “Ol Wicket shit”, “My 9 Rhymes”, and “Word after word”. Even back then however, few people knew what he was onto, and even less do today.



  1. bigmike said,

    yo esham is the king of Detroit Flat out reppen the D michigan pontiac and Flint love Esham

  2. bigmike said,

    Eminem need to hook up with Esham Natas and make some fly shit for the D

  3. Joe said,

    Has anybody put the original tape to cd…. I want that shit bad!

  4. Joe said,

    Has anybody put the original tape to cd…. I want that shit bad!

  5. Jennie said,

    I had that fucking tape and some asshat stole it when I had a party, being red and all I guess it was just easier. I hope whoever stole it has raging hemmoroids and herpes in their eyes…That tape has songs on it that the reissue doesn’t have, one of my favorite songs in fact, Watcha back

    And you can look on ebay for the 1990 version, but be prepared to pay upwards of $300 bucks!!! I was gonna rebuy it, but man, fuck that shit! I’ll keep listening to my dubbed warped one

  6. TonyBee said,

    My favorite song on that tape was Don’t Trip ,You tripping like my man in Too Short’s video,

  7. MNC said,

    Got that tape on cd, but due to copyright laws and shits, not sure how to go about it.

  8. Corey said,

    Esham is the shit with out him we juggalos would be left out the black culture

  9. keelan harbor said,

    Very wikted! They definitely weren’t ready! Banged it day one, 3000watt amp & bazooka bass tubes! remembered it like yesterday! spoke on esham being the top rappa representing…only got hate & negativity. esham must be doing something right! he’s still standing…they faded mostly out with time. not able to transcend to the next level. keep up the shit! I have extensive RLP collection, and only been Motown twice. alot brothas are sleep,, but awoke my ni**a!!

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