Judgement Day Volumes 1 & 2 (RLP 1991)


Lets get this out the way right now,  9 years before anyone even heard of Nelly, and 13 years before Sweat/Suit, ESHAM was the first rapper to drop 2 seperate albums on the same day.  As shown here, when the two albums are put side by side, they form a single image.  The albums contain some classic Esham sex joints such as “I met this little girly” and “Hoe Role” (perhaps left over from Erotic Poetry?).  Esham also has more controversial stuff like “Living in incest”, “Mamma was a junkie”, and “Sell me yo soul” where the unholy gives his perspectives on the big issues of the day.  Th eproduction was unique at that time too, like an evil version of Run DMC almost!


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