Mastamind: Themindzi (Gothom/Overcore/TVT 2000)

After 5 years, Mastamind finally followed up Likkuiddrano with a full-length LP.  Masta went into heavy promotions for this album, even going on tour with Twiztid.  The single Forever  garnered a lot of play in local radio stations.  As with most Overcore/Number 6 era albums, Santos handles the production.  Esham only makes an appearence on a skit, and TNT isn’t features at all, but still this album is a favorite amongst many fans.  In 2002 however, he would split from Esham due to creative differences, and release Streetvaluon Darkersound/Murdercreek music.


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  1. keelan harbor said,

    Themindzi by Mastamind is deep, grimey, plus powerful..lyrically. It was well thought,of course! Had constant stimulating backgroung beats by Santos. I enjoy the album…it was sinisterly animating! Looking forward to the Toxic Avenger! Keep bangem out!

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