Natas – Godlike (Number 6/Koch 2002)

After months of rumors, speculation, and fan reactions on the internet, Overcore had folded and reemerged as Number 6 records.  The first release of the new label was Jacky jasper’s Keep my shit clean, followed closely by a new Natas mixtape… release.  This album would be a start of a massive rift between longtime Esham fans, with many liking the new album, and many others (including me) feeling that while the album may have had it’s moments, this clearly didn’t live up to the standards set by Doubelieve, Blaz4me, or even  Soon after this release, Esham would leave Number 6 and join Psychopathic.


1 Comment

  1. STRIKNYNE said,

    Horrible album.Unreal that they would compose and make a pile of shit like this compared to the classics they dropped

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