Natas – N of tha World (Darkersound/RLP/Warlock 2006)


In 2006, Esham reunited with Warlock, the label that had released Closed Casket. This new Natas releasd caused even more controversy as it was only Esham and TNT with mastamind only being on 1 track. Mastamind had left the group earlier to sign to Golden Glair productions, and Esham removed his verses from most of the songs, and even sent a few sneak disses towards his former partner in rhyme. Even so, this was still a solid album with several good tracks. Full of hate bought back the KKKill the Fetus/Closed Casket type vibe while Pancakes and Syrup was his attempt to cash in on the success of Screwed and chopped music in the south. Other solid tracks include On my own, Trouble and Pain (Featuring the return of moebadis, which was a nice surprise), and Nightmares.


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  1. bigmike said,

    man this natas album was good but it was missin a main ingreedient MASTAMIND thats my Dog !!! right there !!!! Please !!!!!!!!!!!! Natas and MASTAMIND sit down and talk things out I hope Like HELL yall dont break up for good Cause on the album natas kinda dissed Mastamind Please Get back together strong as natas and try to do some colabro s with D12 and EMINEM for the city of DETROIT Michigan ,Flint pontia,c Saginaw yupsylante thats what we what to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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