Doing Good In The Hood: RZA and The Hip Hop Chess Federation

April 13, 2008 at 7:19 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, Video Games) (, , , , , , , )

Rapping, producing, film scoring, acting, and now chess? Is there anything Bobby Digital CAN’T do? Wu Tang clan founder and producer Robert Diggs, a.k.a. “The RZA” was one of several hosts at this past Saturday’s “Martial Arts as a Path to Nonviolence” panel, which was one of the many activities that took place during the Hip Hop Chess Federation’s “Mind over Matter Chess and Grappling Exhibition”, which was held in Menlo Park, CA. He was joined by chess icon Josh Waitzkin and Mixed Martial Arts Champion Ralex Gracie as they discussed how practitioners of chess and the martial arts are trained in ways to avoid violence.

The Hip Hop Chess Federation was founded in 2007 by author and lecturer Adisa Banjoko and Leo Librian. Its purpose is to make use of martial arts, chess, and hip hop as a means to steer inner city youth away from nonviolence. Past events have included hip hop figures such as Immortal Technique, DJ QBert, and Bay area rapper San Quinn.

On a side note, Xbox Live players (well at least those who own the Xbox Live Arcade Game Chessmaster) can join the action and download new chess boards and even compete for various prizes.

Hip Hop Chess Federation


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False Rape Accusations

April 6, 2008 at 7:30 pm (false rape, men's rights, My personal opinion, Politics, women)

Rape is a disgusting, horrible crime. However, making false accusations about it is even worse. Not only can they potentially ruin the life and reputation of an innocent man, but they make it harder for real rape cases to be prosecuted. Perhaps what’s even more disgusting than false rape accusations is how little of a punishment the accuser actually receives. For instance, a woman in the UK received no jail time after falsely accusing 8 different men of rape. A woman in Seattle was sentenced to 8 days and a $250 fine (with money and jail time suspended) after falsely accusing a professor of rape. What makes this case even worse is that the professor was suspended from his job and had to spend 9 days in jail before he was cleared. Radical feminists and overzealous prosecutors don’t believe that these things can happen, but unfortunately, it’s all too common. What makes things worse is our media and society. Sure we know that the accused is supposed to be innocent before proven guilty, and that there is a world of difference between being accused of something and actually having done it, but nowadays, especially when it comes to crimes against women, the mentality seems to be guilty period, regardless of weather there is a chance that the accused might not have done it. Look at the Kobe Bryant* and Duke lacrosse cases. The former, among other things has the alleged ‘victim’ having sex with two men several hours after the alleged rape. The latter was the result of a malicious prosecutor which tried to make a race issue where there was none. While both of these men have managed to rebound after the incident, there are several others who must bear the scarlet letter, and deal with having their lives disrupted and their reputations destroyed. One such person is Nathaniel Lewis, who had to spend 5 years in jail, costing him a potential football career and his college life before being cleared of raping a fellow University of Akron student. There are rape shield laws and victim’s anonymity laws to protect victims, while the accuser’s name and face are splashed all over the media. Things like this only showcase the flaws in our justice system. A more acceptable punishment for many of these women would be for them to serve the amount of time the accused would have been sent to, but in many cases, they barely get any jail time at all. Meanwhile, the accused has to bear the stigma of being a rapist, financial problems from attorney’s fees and court costs, and the time they lost. This is another example of how certain types of women claim to want to be equal to men, but still want special treatment for being women.

*I’m not letting Kobe off the hook. He has a loving wife, a basketball career and sponsorships bringing millions a year, and the admiration of millions of children, all of which he almost pissed away for some pussy. He bought this whole misfortune on himself. However, this does not mean that he deserves to go to jail or have his reputation slandered for something that he didn’t do.

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Doing Good in The Hood: Cham says, “Don’t mess with Texas!”

April 6, 2008 at 5:54 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, The South)


First he cleaned up his music, now he’s cleaning up his community.  Rapper Chamillionarie is joining the “Don’t Mess with Texas” anti-littering campaign alongside Corpus Christi designer Todd Oldham.  The campaign is aimed at people under 25.  Oldham donated specially designed litterbags which will be given out on the “Roc the Bag Tour”, which will make stops in 16 cities to help promote the initiative.  The campaign will be directed at malls, concerts, and other places where texas youth hang out.

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Score: 50 Cent – 1, Goldigging Baby Momma – 0!

April 5, 2008 at 3:43 pm (child support, East Coast, Hip Hop, men's rights, Shits and giggles, women)

A Long Island housing court judge ruled this past Thursday that the mother of 50 Cent’s 10 year old son must vacate his $2.4 million dollar Dix Hills New York mansion along with 50’s son, her daughter from another relationship, and her boyfriend. The judge recognized 50 as the sole owner of the mansion, and she has until the end of the 2007-2008 school year to find housing. To add further insult to injury, she owes the rapper (born Curtis Jackson) $9000, and the child support payments that he was responsible for have been reduced from $25000 a month to $6700 a month due to an earlier hearing back in February. From

In a February court appearance, a judge reduced the amount of child support 50 was responsible for from $25,000 to $6,700 per month, which was to provide Tompkins the funds needed to find a new home. The G-Unit boss and his attorney maintain she’s made no attempts to do so. “To have her living there with her boyfriend and several other people is inappropriate,” the artist said following the two hour hearing. “She’s in the house with people I’m not responsible to pay housing for.”

I say score one for 50. Living off money paid by your ex that’s supposed to belong to your son is one thing, but to be having other people in his house, and using your ex’s child support money to support them as well? Things like this are why our women are being looked upon as goldiggers. If anyone believes that 50 is heartlessly kicking out his ex and her kid, consider that he has been paying her over 300000 a year in tax-free child support payments, and 6700 a month is still more than many high waged professional jobs pay, so she has plenty of time and money to find a new living arrangement, Also having her boyfriend in there and him living off $50’s money is just plain wrong. That hoe needs to find a job and stop living off other people’s money. I’d hate to see what’s going to happen when the son turns 18.

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Mario is Missing….

March 15, 2008 at 1:58 am (missing white women, Politics, Racism)

Update: Sadly, two months ago, this young man was found dead. He was found floating in Lake Erie this past April. Coroners ruled his death accidental.

…and of course the media, the same people who give us minute-by-minute coverage of every young middle class white woman which goes missing, seemingly doesn’t care. 21 year old Mario Williams of Canton was last seen at a Cleveland nightclub. While attending a rap concert, he got separated from his entourage. His family found a cell phone which contained a picture of him tied up inside a trunk. Surprisingly, (or maybe not) despite the amount of attention given to cases such as Jessie Davis and Natalie Holloway, there has been very little attention given to this case. Why this young man’s picture wasn’t posted on the front page of every newspaper or magazine like certain other missing persons is a mystery to me. Although I don’t know this man, a missing family member is a tragedy, and our media must take every effort to help bring them home, regardless of their demographic.

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Cocksuckers on Patrol: Valentines Day Edition

February 15, 2008 at 12:17 am (My personal opinion, Police Brutality, Politics)

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve been busy. I’ve finally earned my degree, now I’m looking for some good IT work so I can finally move out of mom’s place. But enough of that, here are two recent cases of police brutality. Both of which involve white victims, so those of you who believe that police beatings are justified and only happen to trouble-making people of color may want to read this. I may seem a bit indignant, but it pisses me off when those with the power abuse it.
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Random Thoughts on Race, Women, Bush, and Other Random Shit

November 27, 2007 at 2:45 pm (Anti-Bush, conservative bitchslapping, My muthafuckin self, My personal opinion, Police Brutality, Politics, Racism, Republicans being stupid, Shits and giggles, Video Games)

I know it’s been a while since I blogged, well before last week anyhow, but I’ve been busy with work and school, especially sine I’ll hopefully be graduating in 2 and a half weeks. Nevertheless, I got some new material for ya’ll, and it’s a doozy. This is gonna be a long post, so read it after the jump.

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Doing Good In The Hood: Rappers and Thanksgiving Charities

November 22, 2007 at 10:47 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, The South, West Coast Rap)

I guess rappers aren’t such bad people after all. Of course you could have known that by reading some of the other articles on this site, but I digress. Thanksgiving is a time of year to spend with your family. Even though it’s supposed to be joyous, there are some who are disadvantaged economically, so they aren’t as able to enjoy today as much as others. Thankfully for them, the hip hop nation has recognized this, and several rappers are doing various things to help out the underprivileged in their communities.

ti.jpgTI, despite being on house arrest, is doing a lot this Thanksgiving to help out Atlanta. He donated 400 turkeys to needy families in Atlanta, helped raise over $150,000 (with the help of other celebrities such as Wyclef and Busta Rhymes) for the Hosea Williams “Feed the Hungry” foundation, and is hosting Thanksgiving dinner tonight at Atlanta’s Club Crucial from 6 – 9 pm. Despite what backpackers and haters may think, this act has nothing to do with his gun cases. He does a lot for ATL on a regular basis, and he and his uncle help rebuild houses for area residents.

ludacris.jpgHis formal rival Ludacris is also giving to Atlanta. Last Friday, the Ludacris foundation, ran by his mother Roberta Shields, hosted a turkey giveaway at New Piney Grove Baptist Church in Decatur, GA. They are also planning to host a Thanksgiving dinner for 450 of the area’s senior citizens. He’s been doing this for the past 5 years, while the Oprahs and Bill O’ Rielys have been blaming him for the downfall of American society.

chingy.jpgSt Louis Rapper Chingy has also been doing his thing this holiday season. Through his non-profit organization “Chingy for Change”, Chingy has been supplying Thanksgiving meals for less fortunate families in the St Louis area. A few months ago he recently gave away several scholarships to St Louis youth with the help of Hip hop pioneer Russell Simmons, and this year he plans to donate Christmas toys for the local boys and girl’s club. I don’t listen to Chingy, but it’s good to see him giving back to his community.

LA rapper Glasses Malone is also helping out on the westcoast. In what he said was the first of several initiatives to help improve conditions in the Ghetto, Glasses Malone hosted a turkey giveaway at music store “Vip Records”.

Seeing this stuff makes me wonder though…what are all these country and rock stars, who are supposed to be so much more better than us, doing to help out thier communities? Better what, what is Bill O’Riely doing to help out?

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America Hating Anti-Gay Protestors Get Pwned, Big Time

November 3, 2007 at 4:16 pm (conservative bitchslapping, GLBT issues, My personal opinion, Politics, Republicans being stupid, Shits and giggles)

to the tune of $11 million in fact.

antigayprotestors.jpgIf you’ve been following politics, no doubt by now that you’ve heard about anti-gay Christian hero Fred Phelps (of fame), his Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, and their protests at the funerals of dead soldiers under the pretense that the Iraq war is punishment for America’s tolerance of homosexuality. Grieving father Albert Snyder, whose son Matthew was killed in Iraq sued the group for invasion of privacy, intent to inflict emotional distress, and unspecified damages. The judge ruled in his favor, and now the church has to pay nearly 11 million in damages, well over their worth. The group has vowed that this won’t be the end.

Now I’m all for protesting the war, but protesting at someone’s funeral is dead wrong. I despise censorship, but there are some things you just shouldn’t do, especially for the cause of spewing hatred. Hopefully ruling will be upheld, and since the reward is far greater than Phelp’s worth, then these bigots will be bled dry and be forced into bankruptcy, and we’ll never have to put up with their garbage anymore. Looking at this picture, it’s sad that there are parents who train their kids to think like this. People like this is why people turn away from Christianity. Listen up people, forget what Bill O’Riely tells you. There is no war on Christianity, just people like this. Unfortunately, Christians put themselves in the crossfire because they think that these people are spreading the lords word, when all it is is more hatred. Jesus would smack the piss out of Fred Phelps and his ilk.

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October 7, 2007 at 7:50 pm (My muthafuckin self, My personal opinion, Shits and giggles, sports)

lebron.jpgA lot of people would be quite proud of the fact that one of the NBA’s best players lives in their hometown. Some even brag and idolize them. Not so in Akron. Here, whenever one of us makes it big, we find whatever little reasons we can to tear them down. Such as with Lebron James. Earlier this past week, he committed the crime of wearing a Yankees cap during their game against the Cleveland Indians. yeah, he’s a Yankees fan. Therefore, all his skills on the court as well as all the good he has done for his community are no longer relevant, because he choose to wear a Yankees cap.


The man is paid for his skills on the court, not his preference of baseball teams. How many fucking Steelers fans are in Northeast Ohio alone? Yet they catch way less heat for it. Get over yourselves. For all he’s done for the Cavs these past few years, I’d say he’s earned the right to cheer on any baseball team he wants.

Now if the man is seen cheering on the Knicks, then give me a ring.

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