About me

suit1.jpgName:  William Talley jr

DOB 2/26/1981

Intrests – Video games, hip hop, poetry, spoken word, eurohorror movies, comic books

I'm a College student in my Mid 20s.  I do web programming, video games (both programming and playing), and coding in several different languages.  I attend Kent State University, and I will hopefully be graduating by this time next year.  I also post at powet.tv as screwfacecapone. 



  1. kawtion(caution) said,

    this is the ceo of Fallen Angelz Ent/Paypa Boi Ent so u will get the true info on Dice, the future of mc breed, tha paypa boiz pronounced the paper boys.

    Tha Paypa Boiz “Street News ” album features: kurupt,mastamind of Natas and 6 tracks with Mc Breed

  2. KingCast said,

    Hey man you better check out the blawg.

    I can’t even describe it.

    Remember the Franconia shootings this summer?

    Well I’ve got THE REAL.

    Read the draft lawsuit:



  3. bibomedia.com said,


  4. S. Wilson said,

    What Up With That CHang In The Credits Doe……..

  5. dave said,

    What do you believe in?

  6. Beelzebub666 said,

    East side hose and Money!

  7. KingCast said,

    Hey man where have you been?

    I’m updating my links and will mos def leave you in, but your posts were great.


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