Show your support for the Jena 6

September 20, 2007 at 2:51 pm (information, Jena 6, My personal opinion, Politics, Racism)

The Jena 6 are 6 young men from Louisiana who have had attempted murder charges bought against them. I don’t feel like doing much typing, so this is from the facebook group about the matter:

(You’ll have to be a member of facebook to see it)

“The Jena 6 is a group of young men in Jena, Louisiana, that are being charged for a heinous crime in which the charges are way out of control. The controversy began when one of the young men back in September of 2006 asked an administrator if he could sit under the shade of a tree that was “reserved” for the white students. The administrator replied by telling the young man to sit where he liked, so he did. The next day when everyone returned to the school, there where 3 nooses painted in school colors hanging from the tree. The school principal found the 3 white students that did it, and passed it off as a “youthful prank”. They were suspended for 3 days.

The black students decided to call for a sit in under this “tree”. The police were called and so was the District Attorney Reed Walters. He had an assembly in the school, where he made such a statement to the black student body, “I can end your lives with the stroke of a pen”. No future action was taken after that.

A few months later at a party in the town, a couple black boys were beaten up by a group of young white males. There were no charges brought upon the teens. A few weeks later a white male pulled a gun on 3 black young men. The gun was taken away by the black young men and they went to the police to let them know what happened. The three young men were charged with theft if an armed weapon. No charges were brought upon the male who pulled the gun on them.

In December 2006, in the halls of the Jena high school, a young white male was taunting and picking at one of the young men that were beaten up at the party. The white male was then “jumped” by some black students. The six black students were charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy. They face up to 100 years in prison without parole. The Jena Six, as they have come to be known, range in age from 15 to 17 years old.

In July 2007, an all-white jury took less than two days to convict 17 year-old Mychal Bell, the first of the Jena Six to go on trial. He was convicted of aggravated battery and conspiracy charges and now faces up to 22 years in prison. Some of the men were unable to make bail. So they sit in jail and await court dates. The bail ranges from $70,000 to $183,000.

After Tenisha Wilkerson read this on the site, she knew it was time to take a stand. She is organizing a committee by the name of Midwest Committee for the Jena 6. They will be having a peaceful rally on Sunday, September 9th 2007 at 9am. They will march from NBC 5 studios to ABC 7 studios in Chicago, Illinois. There is no media coverage on this issue that is going on. Media attention is strongly needed. The rally will end at city hall.

We are calling for all aldermen, congressmen, media stations, press, & anyone who wants to stand for the rights of these six young men, to come out on September 9th 2007 and stand for justice.

To learn more about the Midwest Committee for the Jena 6, please email For more information on the Jena 6, please log on to, or”

News coverage and contact info, educate yourself and spread the word!



PT. 1

PT. 2

PT. 3

PT. 4

PT. 5

PT. 6

ABC Major News Programs Contact:

ABC message board:

NBC Network contact:

CBS Network Contact:



Call Fox News:


Email Oprah!:

Oprah’s Message Boards:!DYNID=2T5FTRXMYDMJ1LARAZ3B3KQ

Contact Nancy Grace:

Contact Bill O’Reilly (is he really fair and balanced?):

Call Bill O’Reilly and Fox News:


MTVN Online Ad Sales
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The Chicago sun-Times:

Chicago Sun-Times Feedback:

The Chicago Tribune:,0,4504086.htmlpage

Chicago Tribune Comments:,0,7122020.customform

Chicago Tribune Letter to the Editor:,1,5676846.customform?coll=chi-navrailhome2-nav


The Red Eye (Chicago):

The New York Times:

The Sun-Sentinel (Florida):,0,4600310.htmlstory

The LA Times:,0,1439615.htmlstory?coll=la-navigation
Los Angeles Times
202 W. 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: 213-237-5000
Fax: 213-237-7679

Rolling Stone Magazine:

Essence Magazine:

Ebony/JET Magazine:

Vibe Magazine:

The Source Magazine Forum:

Readers Digest Magazine:

The Wall Street Journal:

if you have anymore to add…. post them!




Jena Town Hall

318-992-2149 Fax: 318-992-8127 1850 N 2nd St, Jena, LA 71342


Jena Mayor’s Office

318-992-2148 Fax: 318-992-8127 1850 N 2nd St, Jena, LA 71342


Write Fax E-mail
Office of the Governor
Attn: Constituent Services
P.O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004 Facsimile: 225-342-7099

E-mail the Governor:


Call Reed Walters-D.A. in Jena, Louisiana and Demand That He Resign
28th Judicial District
Parishes Served: LaSalle

J. Reed Walters
P.O. Box 1940
Jena, LA 71342-1940

LaSalle Parish
Office Phone: (318) 992-8282
Office Fax: (318) 992-4731

I don’t think I need to say anymore on the subject. We need to stand up for these yound men.


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Hustlin Saga demo is now online!

July 13, 2007 at 11:29 am (Hustlin Saga, information, Video Games)

I actually had it up since Wednesday, but I didn’t get around to making the post announcing such.  Here it is folks, download it, play it, tell me what you think.  The new demo takes you through most of the first chapter.  It has some issues to be worked out, but this is the direction the game is heading, and if you don’t mind the offensive content, you’ll enjoy it.  I’m trying to steer as far away from the normal RPG clihes as possible, and you’ll see that in the game.

Download it from this link: 


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Ya’ll are the shit!

July 5, 2007 at 2:18 am (Hustlin Saga, information, My muthafuckin self)

When I started this blog a year ago, my old geocities site had only a bit more than 8500 views. Now keep in mind that this was all 5 and a half years it had been up. Now in less than a year of this site, I have nearly 8600 views at the time of this writing. It may not seem like much, but ya boy is definitely on the come up!

Enough of that, my Hustlin Saga demo is almost complete, and it will take you through most of the first chapter. I’ll have it up by this weekend, and you can download it. Keep in mind that it’s a rough draft, and many things will change in the final cut. BTW, there is graphic violence, profanity, and nudity, so 19 and up only.

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My Directorial Debut

May 25, 2007 at 9:15 pm (information, Shits and giggles, Video Games)

Aiight, I know I haven’t updated in a while, but I got some more stuff on the way. Not the least of which is a new “good in the hood” article. I’ll have that up later this weekend. In the meantime, check out my director’s debut, made using the movies.

Check it out, I’m finna be bigger than Jerry Bruckheimer, Peter Jackson, Spike Lee, John Singleton, Michael Bay, and Steven Spielburg all put together!

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Windows Vista and Shit

April 16, 2007 at 5:58 pm (Hustlin Saga, information)

Not a whole lot of updates in a while, but I got a few coming soon.  I just got a new Windows Vista Laptop, and besides some program compatibility issues, it’s working okay.  The neat feature Vista has is allowing users to run any program using compatibility settings from an earlier version of Windows, such as XP and 98.  There are things this thing does different, so it may take a while to get used to.

The game is coming along slowly and surely.  I’m working on the basic story line then putting in system features (weapons, magic, items, etc).  Anything I need for the plot will be added in as I go along.  Watch out for another demo within the next few weeks, hopefully by mid May at the latest.  This one will have the drug dealing mechanic forming into place so you can practise your hustling skills.

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Just a reminder…

January 20, 2007 at 4:20 am (Hip Hop, information, Kent State, Music)


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5 More days!

January 15, 2007 at 2:53 pm (Hip Hop, information, Kent State, Music)

You got 5 more days until the return of Kent State’s longest running online urban music radio show (at least I think), Kent BLack Squirrel Radio Original Grooves, (formerly known as Hostile Takeover, Saturday Mourning Cereal Hits, Red Rum radio, Sunday night Mass, Saturday Night mass, and the William Talley show) for the spring 2007 semester.

Check it out each and every Saturday from noon until 2pm by logging onto I also got some gaming news like always. I’ll keep it popping with the finest selection of Hip hop, R&B, Old school, Reggae, Smooth Jazz, Funk, classic soul,and even a little latin thrown in for good measure.

Remember, noon until 2pm every Saturday online at

You have plenty of time to sleep in too folks, so get rid of that hangover and get your ass online!

Kent BSR OGs, bought to you by the O.G. of KentBSR
DJ Jacknife

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New Year!

January 4, 2007 at 3:31 am (information)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy as hell with my job at the group home and at the bank, but anyway, I’ll have some more updates somethime this week.  Check out my shit at powet, especially my Scarface videogame review.

Also, I’m a proud owner of a Wii, so my friends code is 4285 8744 6112 6422, so add me, and you might even catch some of my Mii avatars on your console!

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$20 GOTW and Lost Classics at Powet

November 26, 2006 at 4:44 pm ($20 GOTW, information, Lost Classics, Video Games)

Becuase it makes more sense than posting the same thing to 2 different sites and becuase my homie Zac Shipley needs a lot of exposure, my $20 GOTY and Lost Classics features will be posted over at exclusively.  Check it out, becuase it’s a dope ass site.  Check there each Thursday afternoon.  I’ll also add a link to the blogroll list so you won’t forget.

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Wake your lazy ass up this Saturday!

October 5, 2006 at 5:17 pm (Hip Hop, information, Kent State, Music)

Becuase kent BSR O.Gs is on from noon until 2pm online at  If you want to hear some quality urban music, including classic soul and old school hip hop, set your alarm clock.  It’s not even that early in the morning for crying out loud!  You’ll still have plenty of time to sleep in!

Remember, noon until 2pm every saturday until the end of the semester at

3306723913 for the request line or IM kentbsrradio on AOL instant messenger.

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