Natas – Multikillionarie: The Devil’s Contract (Gothom 1997)

If anyone had feared that Esham was no longer capable of making the wicket shit, this album would erase those doubts.  Designed as a sequel to multikillonarie, this album returned users to the evil and darkness they were acustomed to from Esham’s music.  There were no R&B tracks of Michael Jackson samples here, just evil shit.  All Sacrifices made, We all die, and Price on ya head just to name a few bought a level of evil and darkness that was different from Doubelievengod.  Moebadis and several members of his crew are featured heavily on this release, including the song Don’t Gimmie no H.A.N. which many believed was a diss to Ex-RLP associate Dice, who had left the label prior to it’s release.  Also of note is an unlisted Esham solo that is the second song after Don’t Gimmie no han.


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  1. Jeff said,

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ……….

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