Tongues (Gothom/Overcore/TVT 2001)

After months of speculation, Esham released Tongues in the summer of 2001.  This album contained the most guest appearences of any Esham album, including porn star Heather Hunter, Kool Keith, Violent J, and the Dayton Family.  This album also caused a lot of controversy due to the numerous disses towards Eminem and D12.  Even so, this is still a solid album and stands beside KKKill the fetus as one of his finest releases.  On Envy the Sunshine, he sings a dedication to his daughter, even comparing her to a gun.  On Mr. Negativity, he goes off on the current state of hip hop.  Many had hoped that this album would be his ticket to mainstream to success, but along with Overcore’s questionable business practices (which were exposed by an ex employee known as ‘J’) along with a confrontation with D12 during the Warped Tour (which resulted in both groups being kicked too)  had resulted once again in Esham remaining in obscurity.


1 Comment

  1. STRIKNYNE said,

    I remember buying this album and being disappointed like a muthafucka. Just garbage music.I was amazed that the man who dropped so many classic albums could make a pile of shit like this

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