Doing Good in The Hood: Cham says, “Don’t mess with Texas!”

April 6, 2008 at 5:54 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, The South)


First he cleaned up his music, now he’s cleaning up his community.  Rapper Chamillionarie is joining the “Don’t Mess with Texas” anti-littering campaign alongside Corpus Christi designer Todd Oldham.  The campaign is aimed at people under 25.  Oldham donated specially designed litterbags which will be given out on the “Roc the Bag Tour”, which will make stops in 16 cities to help promote the initiative.  The campaign will be directed at malls, concerts, and other places where texas youth hang out.


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Doing Good In The Hood: Rappers and Thanksgiving Charities

November 22, 2007 at 10:47 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, The South, West Coast Rap)

I guess rappers aren’t such bad people after all. Of course you could have known that by reading some of the other articles on this site, but I digress. Thanksgiving is a time of year to spend with your family. Even though it’s supposed to be joyous, there are some who are disadvantaged economically, so they aren’t as able to enjoy today as much as others. Thankfully for them, the hip hop nation has recognized this, and several rappers are doing various things to help out the underprivileged in their communities.

ti.jpgTI, despite being on house arrest, is doing a lot this Thanksgiving to help out Atlanta. He donated 400 turkeys to needy families in Atlanta, helped raise over $150,000 (with the help of other celebrities such as Wyclef and Busta Rhymes) for the Hosea Williams “Feed the Hungry” foundation, and is hosting Thanksgiving dinner tonight at Atlanta’s Club Crucial from 6 – 9 pm. Despite what backpackers and haters may think, this act has nothing to do with his gun cases. He does a lot for ATL on a regular basis, and he and his uncle help rebuild houses for area residents.

ludacris.jpgHis formal rival Ludacris is also giving to Atlanta. Last Friday, the Ludacris foundation, ran by his mother Roberta Shields, hosted a turkey giveaway at New Piney Grove Baptist Church in Decatur, GA. They are also planning to host a Thanksgiving dinner for 450 of the area’s senior citizens. He’s been doing this for the past 5 years, while the Oprahs and Bill O’ Rielys have been blaming him for the downfall of American society.

chingy.jpgSt Louis Rapper Chingy has also been doing his thing this holiday season. Through his non-profit organization “Chingy for Change”, Chingy has been supplying Thanksgiving meals for less fortunate families in the St Louis area. A few months ago he recently gave away several scholarships to St Louis youth with the help of Hip hop pioneer Russell Simmons, and this year he plans to donate Christmas toys for the local boys and girl’s club. I don’t listen to Chingy, but it’s good to see him giving back to his community.

LA rapper Glasses Malone is also helping out on the westcoast. In what he said was the first of several initiatives to help improve conditions in the Ghetto, Glasses Malone hosted a turkey giveaway at music store “Vip Records”.

Seeing this stuff makes me wonder though…what are all these country and rock stars, who are supposed to be so much more better than us, doing to help out thier communities? Better what, what is Bill O’Riely doing to help out?

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Doing good in the hood: Master P’s Community Centers.

October 7, 2007 at 7:37 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, The South)

masterp.jpgAs of late, Master P has been one of the people jumping on the Don Imus “lets clean up or censor hip hop lyrics” bandwagon. But unlike other knee-jerked reactions from bourgeois talking heads in the black community (*cough*AlSharptonandJessieJackson*hack*), clergymen, soccer moms who know nothing about hip hop, and right-wing talk show hosts, P is actually being sincere about his efforts. Last month, Master P released Hip Hop History, an album done with his son Romeo that features no cursing or inappropriate lyrics. He and David Banner attended the congressional hearings on hip hop lyrics, and recently, Master P has announced his plans to build a series of youth centers in impoverished areas throughout several major cities throughout the US. The centers will feature gyms and libraries to benefit inner city youth. Even in bankruptcy, Master P is still doing his thing. It’s all about the tank though haters! UUUUUUUUGH!!!!!

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Doing Good in The Hood: David Banner taked 80 kids to Six Flags

July 21, 2007 at 5:40 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, Politics, The South)

davidbanner.jpgAs part of Jackson Mississippi’s Stewpot Neighborhood Children’s program, David Banner treated 80 kids to an all expenses paid trip to Six Flags over Georgia this past week. The rapper paid for food, t-shirts, and admission to the park, which is an annual trip that he has been sponsoring since 2005 with the intention of exposing kids from the neighborhood to different environments. The Stewpot Neighborhood Children’s program is a community organization which serves as an after school program and summer camp for at risk youth in Mississippi.

Big Ups to David Banner for doing this. He is probably one of the most humble rappers in the game and consistently gives back to his community. We need a lot more rappers like him in the game. Unfortunantely this probably won’t even make fox news, but that’s what this is for.

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Doing good in the hood: TI schools West Philly Youth.

June 12, 2007 at 3:19 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, Music, The South) reports that TI recently spoke on the importance of staying in school at Harambee Charter School in West Philadelphia.

“Ain’t nothing lame, ain’t nothing punkish about being smart. Ain’t nothing punkish about being 25, 26, 28 and never had a run in with the law,” he stressed. “That don’t make you a punk man. That makes you a winner.”

That’s some words we all should live be, especially me. I had the luck of being raised by a decent family and not having to deal with the law. Now I’m getting to graduate school in a few months. For a 26 year old black male, that’s definently something. Oh BTW, buy his new album when it drops next month, because I have no doubt it will be bumping.

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Good in the Hood: Free HIV Concert featuring some of the south’s hottest

May 30, 2007 at 6:34 pm (Doing good in the hood, Hip Hop, The South) reports that Lil Wayne, Baby, UGK, and David Banner will be giving a free concert down in Houston Texas’s Reliant Arena on June 30th.  The concert, which is hosted by the Texstars Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to develop educational and leadership opportunities within the inner cities.  TO receive a ticket, concertgoers must attend a seminar on HIV and get themselves tested by the many staff members on site.  SO it may not seem much, but the AIDS epidemic is a big issue facing the African American community, as well as the rest of us, and it’s always good to see some steps being taken to combat it.  So if you live in the H-town, get yourself tested and check out a free concert.  Doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

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You can’t say nothing bad about massah!!!

October 5, 2006 at 1:55 am (conservative bitchslapping, Hip Hop, Music, Politics, Republicans being stupid, The South) reports that Kamikaze of the group “Crooked Lettaz” (with rapper/producer David Banner) was banned after making comments about President Bush during his preformance at Millsaps University’s sexual awareness week. The Young Republican group there threw a little hissy fit after Kamikaze dissed thier patron saint, even sending him a letter.

“While the students at the college rightfully supported sexual awareness week at the college…some were treated to no other than a tacky, senseless and an absolutely astonishing, explicit blasphemy of the sitting President of the United States; an act that represented the worst that Millsaps College could offer to its students and alumni that were present, wanting to enjoy an evening of the performing arts. The Student Body Association and the Socializing Activities and Performing for Students Board (S.A.P.S.) has no use for your shameful, adolescent and worthless view point of our leader and therefore will not be supporting any more visits made by you to our campus.”

The bolded out part is the funniest. So I have 1 question for these people, as well as any conservative republicn. If Kamikaze were to say these things while a democrat is in charge, would his viewpoints still be “shameful, adolescent, and worthless”? (Don’t everybody answer at once now.) As far as “explicit blasphemy” is concerned, GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES. Bush isn’t your father, he isn’t my father, he isn’t my boss, nor is he god. He is simply a president that I didn’t even vote for. If I wanted to talk shit about him, I have every right to do so. If I want to call him a RETARDED, AWOL, DRAFT DODGING, COKE SNIFFI FUCKTARD, then I will, and you can’t do anything about it. This is my blog and I can say whatever the fuck I want.

Okay, look. I’ll show Bush as much respect as you showed Clinton while he was in office. (I was no fan of him either, but we were much better off then than now.)

On a side note, Crooked Lettaz had a dope album back in 98/99 called Grey Skies. if you come across it, check it out.

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Fiend – The Addiction (CD review)

August 26, 2006 at 5:17 pm (Hip Hop, Music, Reviews, The South)


Out of all of the former No Limit soldiers, Fiend has arguably been doing the best (besides Snoop of course) since he left the label.  Shortly after leaving the label, he hit the ground running dropping albums and mixtapes, and working with people such as Little John, David Banner, and Three Six Mafia before many of them became famous.  He had a deal with Ruff Ryders, even appearing on some of thier albums, but that fell through.  Now he’s independent, and his game is as sharp as ever.  This is probably his best post No Limit release.  The production comes mostly from him and Beats By The Pound (Now known as the medicine men) and the few guest appearences are from the artists on his label, mainly Corner Boy P.  The first track is a dope way to open the album, and another track I like is ‘That’s what you want”.  I was hoping to hear some 1998 No Limit style old school flavor, but the production here is slamming and fiend is comming dope as hell as always.  Fiend is one of the south’s illest lyricists and this album is more of what we love from the man.  He may not do a 5th of what he should sell, but he’s still hard as fuck. 

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Crunchy Blac is GODLIKE!!!

August 8, 2006 at 10:20 am (Hip Hop, Music, The South, Uncategorized)


 As you all know by now, Crunchy Blac has left Three Six Mafia.  For those of you don’t know, he’s been the guy with the simplistic, funny ass rap verses and the crazy ass dance moves in the videos.  In this Ozone interview, Crunchy explains his reasons.  Three Six won’t be the same without him.  FIrst Koop, then Boo, and now Crunchy and Lord?

On a side note, check out this video interview of him from 2 years ago.  I don’t know what’s funnier, this, or the fact that it’s been 2 years and his album still ain’t drop yet.

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