Post Election Analysis, Yes, A Month Later

December 23, 2008 at 1:35 am (conservative bitchslapping, GLBT issues, My personal opinion, Politics, Racism, Republicans being stupid, women) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

It’s been a while since my last post, I know.  Mostl I’ve been hard at work on and  Here is my post election article.  It’s long, so you may want to kick back a little bit and grab something to drink.

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False Rape Accusations

April 6, 2008 at 7:30 pm (false rape, men's rights, My personal opinion, Politics, women)

Rape is a disgusting, horrible crime. However, making false accusations about it is even worse. Not only can they potentially ruin the life and reputation of an innocent man, but they make it harder for real rape cases to be prosecuted. Perhaps what’s even more disgusting than false rape accusations is how little of a punishment the accuser actually receives. For instance, a woman in the UK received no jail time after falsely accusing 8 different men of rape. A woman in Seattle was sentenced to 8 days and a $250 fine (with money and jail time suspended) after falsely accusing a professor of rape. What makes this case even worse is that the professor was suspended from his job and had to spend 9 days in jail before he was cleared. Radical feminists and overzealous prosecutors don’t believe that these things can happen, but unfortunately, it’s all too common. What makes things worse is our media and society. Sure we know that the accused is supposed to be innocent before proven guilty, and that there is a world of difference between being accused of something and actually having done it, but nowadays, especially when it comes to crimes against women, the mentality seems to be guilty period, regardless of weather there is a chance that the accused might not have done it. Look at the Kobe Bryant* and Duke lacrosse cases. The former, among other things has the alleged ‘victim’ having sex with two men several hours after the alleged rape. The latter was the result of a malicious prosecutor which tried to make a race issue where there was none. While both of these men have managed to rebound after the incident, there are several others who must bear the scarlet letter, and deal with having their lives disrupted and their reputations destroyed. One such person is Nathaniel Lewis, who had to spend 5 years in jail, costing him a potential football career and his college life before being cleared of raping a fellow University of Akron student. There are rape shield laws and victim’s anonymity laws to protect victims, while the accuser’s name and face are splashed all over the media. Things like this only showcase the flaws in our justice system. A more acceptable punishment for many of these women would be for them to serve the amount of time the accused would have been sent to, but in many cases, they barely get any jail time at all. Meanwhile, the accused has to bear the stigma of being a rapist, financial problems from attorney’s fees and court costs, and the time they lost. This is another example of how certain types of women claim to want to be equal to men, but still want special treatment for being women.

*I’m not letting Kobe off the hook. He has a loving wife, a basketball career and sponsorships bringing millions a year, and the admiration of millions of children, all of which he almost pissed away for some pussy. He bought this whole misfortune on himself. However, this does not mean that he deserves to go to jail or have his reputation slandered for something that he didn’t do.

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Score: 50 Cent – 1, Goldigging Baby Momma – 0!

April 5, 2008 at 3:43 pm (child support, East Coast, Hip Hop, men's rights, Shits and giggles, women)

A Long Island housing court judge ruled this past Thursday that the mother of 50 Cent’s 10 year old son must vacate his $2.4 million dollar Dix Hills New York mansion along with 50’s son, her daughter from another relationship, and her boyfriend. The judge recognized 50 as the sole owner of the mansion, and she has until the end of the 2007-2008 school year to find housing. To add further insult to injury, she owes the rapper (born Curtis Jackson) $9000, and the child support payments that he was responsible for have been reduced from $25000 a month to $6700 a month due to an earlier hearing back in February. From

In a February court appearance, a judge reduced the amount of child support 50 was responsible for from $25,000 to $6,700 per month, which was to provide Tompkins the funds needed to find a new home. The G-Unit boss and his attorney maintain she’s made no attempts to do so. “To have her living there with her boyfriend and several other people is inappropriate,” the artist said following the two hour hearing. “She’s in the house with people I’m not responsible to pay housing for.”

I say score one for 50. Living off money paid by your ex that’s supposed to belong to your son is one thing, but to be having other people in his house, and using your ex’s child support money to support them as well? Things like this are why our women are being looked upon as goldiggers. If anyone believes that 50 is heartlessly kicking out his ex and her kid, consider that he has been paying her over 300000 a year in tax-free child support payments, and 6700 a month is still more than many high waged professional jobs pay, so she has plenty of time and money to find a new living arrangement, Also having her boyfriend in there and him living off $50’s money is just plain wrong. That hoe needs to find a job and stop living off other people’s money. I’d hate to see what’s going to happen when the son turns 18.

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Why video games are better than women (for shits and giggles)

October 17, 2006 at 2:27 am (Shits and giggles, Video Games, women) (, )

Inspired by’s “Why beer is better than women”, as well as similar posts by women made against men, here is something I came up with. I’m not dissing all women or any one female, but ladies, if the shoe fits, WEAR IT.

Lets look at the comparisons

Video Games: Always within arms reach when I want them.
Women: Seldom return calls and emails, gotta wait a month for their schedule to clear up in order to spend a few hours with them, and then hope they don’t back out at the last minute or stand you up

Video Games: Don’t mind if I want to have sometime alone to myself.
Women: Accuse me of cheating whenever I want time alone, but then demand that I give them the same. (gotta love double standards)

Video Games: Don’t tell me I’m not their type because I’m too _________ or I’m not ________ enough
Women: That’s all I ever hear from them.

Video Games: The only time you have to compete with other guys is on Xbox Live, Wii Connect, or PSNr.
Women: Constantly flirt around with other dudes, and you have to worry about them running off to be with some other guy or cheating on you.
Video Games: Don’t care about what kind of car you drive, how much money you have, weather or not you’re some ultra muscular athletic bodybuilder, what skin color/ethnicity you are, or any other materialistic, shallow B.S.
Women: That’s pretty much all they look for. Goldiggers.

Video Games: They only time you have to spend money on them is when you buy new games or accessories.
Women: You gotta pay for dinner, movie, hotel room, gas, condoms, cigarettes, and everything else without expecting anything in return.

Video Games: Are relaxing and provide hours of stimulation and entertainment
Women: Provide nothing but drama, heartbreak, and bullshit.

Now I know Videogames can’t have sex with you (At least you don’t have to worry about STDS, pregnancy, or child support), buy you gifts, take care of you when you are sick, or make you dinner, but when you have no one to do it for you right now, It doesn’t make a difference.

They can’t tell you they love you either, while I’ve had several women say that to me. Obviously they didn’t mean it that much though, so that doesn’t make much of a difference either.

Okay, now don’t get mad, this is just for fun. Besides, you could switch it around and say the same things about men too.

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