Esham the Unholy and the RLP legacy

esham.jpgEsham is Detroit’s most prolific rapper. He’s been a fixture in the Detroit underground rap scene since the late 80s, and his music has inspired many of it’s artists, not the least among them being Eminem, Insane Clown Posse, and the late Proof. He has released over 20 albums, both as a solo artist and as a member of his group NATAS. This is an updated version of my old Esham section. This isn’t an exact discography (as I left out re-issues, re-releases, and singles as well as Group projects on Psychopathic) so much as it is an introduction to the man and his albums. You can learn more about him over at

Currently he is preparing to release the Judgement day box set, a 4-disc set available in limited quantities only from THis disc will contian Judgement day volumes 1 and 2 as well an an unrelased 3 & 4, as well as a new album Martyr City.

Anote about this section:  As I said before, this isn’t meant to be a discography, just a primer on Esham’s music.  Also, I’ve only included RLP releases, as well as Esham/Natas albums on other labels.  As for Mastamind and Dice, I only included the albums they released while they were still affiliated with Esham.  (meaning no Streetvalu or Black Monday).

Click below to check out an album.

boominredtape.jpghomeydontplay.jpg judgementdayvolume2.jpg lifeafterdeath.jpg helterskkkelter.jpg kkkillthefetus.jpg blaz4me.jpg maggottbraintheory.jpg closedcasket.jpg doubelievengod.jpg lickkuidrano.jpg deadflowers.jpg shittalka.jpg detroitdogshit.jpg brucewayne.jpg multikillonarie.jpg maildominance.jpg wwwdotcom.jpg bootleg.jpg themindzi.jpg tongues.jpg godlike.jpg acidrain.jpg repentance.jpg a1yola.jpg natas-cover-merged1.jpg



  1. cole said,

    can you update me when the box set will be ready for purchase.

  2. jacknifedakilla said,

    It’s out now. You can purchase it over at better be quick about it though, there were only 1000 made and they sell out fast.

  3. TonyBee said,

    I can’t believe Esham has two more judgement days.He rap about so many different topics on judgement 1 & 2 I would like to hear what the other two Cd sound like.Have you really listen to the lyrics on Fallen Angel that boy is raw.

  4. UnholyGangster said,

    judgement days 3 and 4 are the fuckin shit, i got me a box set back in july

  5. 7 mile said,

    the boxset is garbage them old ass beats and his voice was annoying

  6. bruceleeroy28 said,


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